PTHS Maritime Manufacturing

PTHS Maritime Manufacturing Class

5th Period PTHS

Teacher: Kelley Watson

Learn fine woodworking techniques and create several beautfiul hand-hewn personal projects.

Students will learn:

  • Shop safety.
  • Basic Hand Tool Use.
  • Basic Power Tool Use.
  • Fine Woodworking and Joinery Techniques.
  • Basic Furniture Design.
  • Varnishing and Painting Skills.

Projects Include:

  • Beautiful three legged stool (made from a log that we start with on the 2nd day of school!).
  • End table or small coffee table.
  • Personal choice project (examples: tool boxes, book shelves, trays...).
  • Varnish work aboard Schooner Adventuress.
  • And lots of practice joinery projects!

Maritime Manufacturing Syllabus

Maritime Manufacturing Syllabus 9/18