Prem Exploria

(Co-Curriclar Programme)

Our Prem 'Exploria' Co-Curricular programme is the cornerstone of our holistic education vision within the Prem Community. With over 50 activities taking place each week at lunchtimes, after school and on Saturdays, our Exploria programme provides an opportunity for our students to gain experiences and skills outside the academic curriculum. Over 90% of Prem students take part in the programme, with many taking multiple activities each week, we are immensely proud of what our 'Exploria' programme gives to our Prem Community.


Activities provide academic, creative, artistic, service and active expression for students at Prem. We encourage all students to be involved in at least one activity per term. Many students choose to do two, three or more if their schedule allows.


Exploria is offered every day after school and at lunchtimes for the Junior School and the Senior School. Exploria activities start at 3:15 pm for the Junior School and are one hour long (3:15-4:15 pm). Senior School activities run from 3:45-5:15pm. Additionally, there are Saturday morning Exploria activities.

Dedicated Sporting Centres

Our dedicated Golf and Tennis Centres, along with our ‘Prem FC’ football academy and swim coach offer year round Exploria that hope to take our students up to the next level in these sports. Learn the basics, gain experience and reach even higher with our dedicated and experienced coaches.

Service Learning

At Prem we value what service learning can bring to a school community and our Exploria programme in conjunction with our MYP 'Service in Action' and IB CAS programmes, give our students across the school chances to both lead and get involved with service projects. These include: MUN, Advocates for Global Welfare, Prem Local Coffee, Precious Plastics, Student Council and many more!


At Prem we use the extra-curricular management software ‘Engage’. This makes it easy for parents, guardians and students to check what Exploria are available, sign up and track attendance. Junior School parents/guardians sign up for their children, while senior school students sign up for themselves.

Varied Experience

The numerous and varied activities offered at Prem enhance the educational experience.