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Kia Ora, Welcome to my CV page for 2019. This page outline some of my achievement this year. This year I have been teaching in a Two Teacher MLE with 54 learners. I have also been a Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir teacher, CoL Across School Teacher and I had the Privilege of travelling to the 2019 ISTE conference in Philadelphia.



Blogging is the main way in which I share with the world my practice. I love sharing what I am doing with my amazing learners and all I am learning as a teacher. Please Check them out.

Class Blog

We use this blog to share important moments in our classroom and examples of learner created content.

Professional Blog

This blog shares my insights as a teacher and my professional inquiry.

Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir

This year I was privileged to be one of 5 Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir Teachers sharing my practice online for all to see please check out my episodes here.

Class Site

We use a class site and other learning sites to support our teaching and make teaching and learning Visible, Rewindable and Ubiquitous. Each years site is design with the learners in mind and a clear theme that makes the site cohesive. This makes is clear for learners how they access their learning supporting the process of Learn, Create, Share.


This year my CoL teacher inquiry focused on writing and using the digital to enhance writing practice and make them rewindable to support my learners but also other teachers. This year I have held the CoL Across School role which has seen me supporting teachers throughout the Manaiakalani Cluster and in the Outreach. I have done this in a number of ways including, in-class support, meetings with teachers about professional learning needs and welcoming visiting teachers into my classroom.


This is what the three Across School teachers shared at a Hui with other CoLs.

See more about my Across School Role Here.


Some other ways that I share are through my Twitter feed and at conferences. There I had the opportunity to present at the Google Apps for Education conferences in Auckland and Sydney. I have also been able to support one of our wonderful outreach cluster in Northland by sharing my experience with Google Sites.

Making a Classroom site GAFE 2018
Leading Learning Using Google Sites GAFE Sydney 2018

ISTE 2019 in Philadelphia

This year I was lucky to win the Manaiakalani Fellowship and travel to America for the biggest education and technology conference. This was amazing and I learnt so much. The key ideas at the conference were:

-AI what are we teaching our kids about Artificial Intelligence. This is already and huge part of learners lives. Think of Netflix or Google or the adds that pop up just when you need them.

-Creativity and STEAM how can we encourage learners to create well making sure they have access to STEAM and Computer Science.

-CyberSmart- Positive teaching about being a digital citizen.

My Notes- They are a big messy it was a full on amazing time.



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