About Saratoga PTA


Dear Saratoga Sea Turtle Families,

On behalf of the Saratoga Elementary School PTA, I would like to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year. We are excited to continue to further our mission to positively impact the lives of the children, teachers, staff and families of Saratoga Elementary School.

Our mission as parents and teachers is to create a partnership that provides a thriving academic environment offering enrichment programs for all kids and promotes a strong SES community. We are currently working on all of these programs, and we are open to any suggestions to make more room for community involvement. The PTA is in the process of creating pathways for PTA members to get involved in connecting students with opportunities and caring for the needs of students in a variety of ways. This will happen only with YOUR help and participation.

The PTA will be continuing our support of teachers by providing classroom materials and supplies, ensuring our great staff and teachers know they are appreciated, in part by providing several lunches throughout the year, sponsoring a science fair/Invention Convention, an inclusive week celebration, robotics classes, art sessions, a running club, a math club and math league, book fair events, family picnics, a musical, talent show and many other activities and programs.

These are just some of the programs and events that are supported by and/or funded through the PTA’s Better Together membership drive. I’d like to invite every family to become PTA members! With YOUR support we will achieve the greatest results!

The Better Together Membership Drive is how you can make a difference!

 * Please pay the $25 PTA Membership Fee to become a voting PTA member

 * We appreciate your donation of $250 per child to the Saratoga Elementary PTA (this donation is 100% tax deductible).

 * Please visit our website https://saratogapta.3dcartstores.com/  to become a PTA member and make your donation today!

We are also very grateful for the dedicated parent volunteers who continue to work supporting the school community. None of this would be possible without you!

On behalf of the PTA Board, I’d like to thank you in advance for your Better Together contribution, as well as for becoming a PTA member and investing in Saratoga Elementary School. We look forward to an enriching year!

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                                                                

Mahshid Maleki-Soltani

PTA President 2023-2024