Saratoga Elementary School PTA

Robotics Club - 2021/2022 School Year 4th and 5th Graders

Saratoga Elementary School PTA will be partnering with MSET Robotics of Saratoga High School to offer a robotics club to 4th-5th Grade SES students* beginning in August 2021. SES PTA would like to gauge the interest of our community and will begin pre-registration this summer. This club will require strong parent participation from each parent and at least one chair.

SES Robotics Club Interest Form

Please fill out this form if your child is interested in participating in the SES Robotics Club starting in the fall of 2021:

*Please note students must be 9 year old by January 1, 2021 to compete with First Lego League through the school program. If your child does not meet the age requirement, we invite them to still consider joining our robotics club and participate in all activities except competitions.

If you have any questions, please email Amanda Follmar at

About SHS MSET Robotics Mentorship

They have had bounding success with this program at Argonaut for the last couple of years that it has been in place. They have guided students through building their robots, coding their tasks, and developing and prototyping their Innovation Project. This year, one of the First Lego League teams they mentored, qualified to NorCal Championships as a first-year rookie team, with incredible point values for their robot game and a 3D Printed AR headset incorporated into their Innovation Project. This team was HER, an all-girls team from Foothill!

From a Saratoga High School MSET Robotics Mentor "The program will introduce SES students to the engaging world of robotics and give them an opportunity to compete in First Lego League Competitions. The students will be able to explore all aspects of hardware, software, as well as project development. The students will also learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and above all, gracious professionalism. These skills will be ones they use in the real world, well after their involvement in the established and renowned First Robotics Program."

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