💻 What are Gizmos?

Gizmos as science computer simulations designed for grades 3-12 from ExploreLearning that cover a wide variety of science topics. We were able to purchase subscriptions for all grades 3-8 science teachers thanks to funding from the 2010 Mill Levy.

💻 How do I access my account?

Your department head (or school leader in case of elementary) will have a registration link. Click that link to set up your account.

Go to explorelearning.com and log in using your PSD Email address and password provide in the welcome email. If you need your password, please email Kevin Murray.

💻 How do I find simulations?

After logging in click on “Find Gizmos.” You can search for simulations by grade level, topic, CO academic standards and textbook.

💻 I used Gizmos last year, how do I clear my class rosters?

Go to My Homepage, choose the class you want and select Class Roster. To remove a student from a class, select the checkbox next to the student’s name and select Remove. Select OK when asked if you’re sure you want to remove the student, and the student will then be removed from your class roster.

💻 How do students sign up for Gizmos?

Teacher does the work...

To manually enroll students into your Class, click My Classes on the main navigation bar (or go to My Homepage) and choose the Class from the list. Select Class Roster and then click the New Student button.

Enter the student’s first and last name in the pop-up window and click Add Student. The student is now on your class roster and has a Username and Password listed next to their name.

Students enroll with code...

Students can self-enroll in your class. Just provide them with the Class Code and the Gizmos web address, explorelearning.com. On the website, they should select Login/Enroll and enter their Class Code.

The student will get two choices:

  • I already have an ExploreLearning account, Login Now to Enroll
  • I need to create an ExploreLearning account, Register Now to Enroll

If a student already has an account, they should select the first option, and log into their account to enroll in your class. They probably will not remember their user name or password so it is best to create a new account.

If the student does not have an account yet, they should select the second option. The student will then enter profile information, including a username and password, and select Submit. This will both create their account and enroll them in the class.

💻 How do I assign Gizmos to students?

Any Gizmo can be added to a class by simply clicking Add to Class from a Gizmos search results, Lesson Info or Launch page. If you have created multiple classes, you can choose to add it to one or all classes. Once complete, a pop-up message notifies you that the Gizmo has been added.

💻 What materials accompany each Gizmo?

Each Gizmo has a student worksheet in both editable and static formats. You also get an answer key and teacher guide.


Below each Gizmo you can find community submitted lesson plans.

💻 How do I share the lessons I have created with other PSD teachers?

If you have Google drive files please share that file with science@psdschools.org and we will put it in this folder. If you have a word document file, convert to Google Docs and share with science@psdschools.org or email an attachment to science@psdschools.org.

💻 How do I view students' assessment results?

Click My Classes on the main navigation bar to go to the Class page with the Gizmo whose assessment you want to review. Gizmos with completed assessments are indicated by a green highlighted Graph icon to the right of the Launch button. A number indicates the total completed results. Click the icon to view the results.

On the Assessment Results page each student’s individual answers are shown along with a total and percent correct. Incorrect answers are highlighted in red. Students who have not yet answered any questions have blank rows.

Gizmos Simulations Student Guides

If you modify any instructions from Gizmos please consider sharing them with the rest of PSD. Please share your files with science@psdschools.org or email attachments to science@psdschools.org.

Using Gizmos in Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Gizmos are correlated to standards in grades 3-8, this document outlines the simulations appropriate to teach K-2nd grade students.

Grade K-2 Gizmos.pdf