Professional Development Opportunities

Inquiry: Collecting, Analyzing and Presenting Data (3 options)

@ the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | September 21 | Course # 19377

@ the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | September 26 | Course # 19378

Designed for members of the Digital Innovation Pathways but open to all science teachers in the district. We will demonstrate how to use tech tools to guide students through lab experiences, the use of science probes. We will also use virtual reality to design and view immersive representations of data.

Wildlife Monitoring w/ Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy

@ the ITC, Horsetooth, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | September 27th | Course #15536

Investigate how to use your wildlife cameras on site. Learn how to input data into the RMCC database of images.

Gizmos Science Simulations | Expanding the Gizmos Experience

@ the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | October 2nd | Course #15378 | Sub Code 339

Intended for teachers in grades 3-8. Investigate ways to use Gizmos science simulations in your classroom. The morning sessions will be led by ExploreLearning representatives and the afternoon will be dedicated to planning and exploration.

Empowering Students with Digital Media

@ITC 2413 LaPorte Ave. | Starts October 10| Course # 14639

Discover new ways to strategically use Discovery Education Streaming Plus, DE Science TechBook, Playposit, and other digital tools to empower your students with current and high quality knowledge to apply to their learning. Participants will become DEN ambassadors upon course completion.

Diggin' Deeper into Science Resources

@ the ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | October 16th | Course # 15377 | Sub Code 339

Investigate the variety of software, science probes, engineering materials from SparkFun, 3D printers, VR equipment and more available from EdTech or plan with a group of colleagues.

Virtual Reality Content Creation

Online Course & Application in Classroom | Starts October 18| Course # 15379

Discover how you and your students can create and experience virtual reality. Learn how to use CoSpaces, 360 cameras, and how to code using CoSpaces.

Super Connected Conference | Hosted by PSD EdTech

@ FRHS | 7.5 hours | November 4th| Course # TBD

Check out the super connected page on the EdTech website for more information about this collaboration between Weld RE4 and Thompson Valley school districts.

1st Grade: Little Shop of Physics New Kit Training

@ LSOP | November 7 | Course # TBD

Little Shop of Physics has created a new first grade science kit. In order to get one you must send someone to the training. Are you ready for a day of fun?

Chemistry Textbook Adoption

@ ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | 10-27, 12-6, 1-15 & 1-29 | Course # TBD

For chemistry and AP chemistry teachers involved in the 2017-2018 adoption cycle.

Gizmos Science Simulations | Teaching with the 5E Model in Science

@ ITC, 2413 LaPorte Ave. | January 26 | Course # 15391

Dig deeper into the use of Gizmos science simulations and learn how to use the 5E inquiry constructivist model with students.