Extended Learning Opportunities

What's an Extended Learning Opportunity?

ELOs are a new learning initiative in the Pattonville School District that are designed to allow students to pursue their interests and career aspirations in a variety of non-traditional ways. The goal is for the student to be exposed to real world applications in their area of interest. Extended Learning Opportunities can be internships, career explorations, independent coursework or large scale projects in a field of the students’ interest. ELOs are driven by a student’s authentic interest, are credit bearing, and can take place during the school day, after school, or even during the summer.

Extended Learning Opportunities are:

  • Highly flexible and individualized to the student’s needs and goals.
  • Developed in partnership with school and community members.
  • Designed by students to be personal, meaningful and relevant to meet their diverse learning styles, talents, and interests.
  • Based on a variety of experiences both at school and in partnership with business and industry,

Students will engage in a personalized learning experience to demonstrate proficiency on a select set of competencies agreed upon by the school advisor and community/industry partner. Once a student has proven they have met these competencies, credit is awarded to the student.