Ms. Hadley

Counseling Secretary
(314) 213 - 8560Email

Ms. Hall

(314) 213 - 8375Email

Counselors are assigned according to students' last name (grades 9-11) and stay with their assigned counselor until senior year. All seniors have the same counselor. Counselors assist students with scheduling needs, career planning, problem solving, emotional and social skill building, testing, facilitating student support groups and a wide variety of other student services. PHS is also fortunate to staff a college and career counselor who works closely with all students to prepare for their post-high school plans: college, skilled trades, military, and career training. Counseling office hours are from 7:00a.m. until 3:30p.m.

To speak with a counselor, call Tanya Hadley at (314) 213-8560.


Mrs. Patterson

Grades 9-11 A-CrOffice Hours:7:23-11:33; 12:03-2:18
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Mrs. Wills

Grades 9-11 Cu-HooOffice Hours:7:23-11:33; 12:03-2:18
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Ms. Johnson

Grades 9-11 Hop-McOffice Hours:7:23-11:33; 12:03-2:18
Make An Appointment Call 314-213-8051 x 8060

Ms. Harrison

Grades 9-11 Me-SaOffice Hours:7:45-12:03; 12:33-3:00
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Mr. Handrahan

Grades 9-11 Sc-ZOffice Hours:7:23-12:03; 12:33-2:18
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Mrs. Michel

SeniorsA-ZOffice Hours:7:23-11:33; 12:03-2:18
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Mrs. Krohn

English Language LearnersA+ and Community ServiceOffice Hours:7:45-11:33; 12:03-3:00
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Mr. Boulanger

Positive SchoolAlternative ProgramsOffice Hours:7:45-12:03; 12:33-3:00
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Mrs. Luraschi

College & Career Counseling
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Testing Updates

Digital Courses

Pattonville High School will continue to use Canvas as our digital learning platform for access to digital classrooms, assignments, assessments, calendars and communications. All PHS teachers will use Canvas as a platform for learning this year. Students can access Canvas at or through their Pattonville Google account.

Students new to Pattonville may not have access to Canvas courses until the first day of school or 24-hours after receiving a schedule.

Social and Emotional Resources

In addition to PHS counselors, students and families may also contact our Youth In Need counselor or our PHS social worker using the following contact information:

Below are links to resources that students and their families my find helpful while school is online:

In Case of Emergency: If you have an emergency please call one of the following resources for help:

Differentiated Duties by Counselor

Michael Boulanger - Positive School

  • Alternative Programs Counselor

  • MoOptions/ACE Student Liaison

  • LAUNCH/online Liaison to High School/POS

  • EOC testing - Positive School

  • ACT Work Keys w/ Wills

  • Building Level Crisis Team

  • Career Fair

Patrick Handrahan

  • PSAT Coordinator

  • Scholars Academy

  • Art/Fine Art Academy

  • Girls and Boys State

  • NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse & Collegiate Athletics

  • EOC Testing Supervisor/Contact

  • English - EOC

  • English Department Liaison

  • HS STOP Day/registration activities

  • 8th grade registration schedule

  • Department Professional Development

  • Department Leader Liaison & Activities

  • Curriculum Coordinating Council

  • 504 w/ Harrison

Anetra Johnson

  • EOC - Biology

  • Science Dept Liaison

  • Suicide Prevention Activities - Lead

  • Pirate Code

  • Impact Mentoring

  • Personal Finance Test Coordinator

  • New Student Group

  • Sky’s the Limit Workshop

Becky Krohn - Counselor for EL students

  • A+ Coordinator

  • Community Service Coordinator

  • Pirate Connections Lead

  • Curriculum Coordinating Council

  • Course Book

  • Lead - HS STOP Day/registration activities

  • Seal of Bi-Literacy

  • English Learner Liaison

  • Modern Language Liaison

  • Summer School Registration Coordinator

  • 8th Grade Parent Night

  • 8th grade registration schedule

  • Career Fair

Michelle Luraschi - College & Career Preparation Coordinator/Counselor

  • College, Career, Military, and Financial Aid Planning

  • Career Fair Lead

  • College Fair and College Visits Coordinator

  • Post-Secondary Liaison

  • Military Liaison

  • ASVAB Coordinator

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid Coordinator

  • College Center Coordinator

  • College Academy for 1st Generation Students

  • College Bus Tour Coordinator

  • Naviance Coordinator

  • Summer Programs

  • Job Shadowing

  • Collegiate Athletics

  • Senior Awards & Scholarships

  • Pirate Connections Committee

  • NCAA/NAIA Clearinghouse

Brooke Michel

  • Foreign Exchange Students Liaison

  • Fine Art Dept. Liaison

  • PARET Team member

  • A+ Appeals Committee

  • AP Test Coordinator

  • NHS Selection Committee

  • Seal of Bi-Literacy w/ Krohn

Alysia Patterson

  • Social Justice Training

  • EOC - Math

  • Math Department Liaison

  • Social Justice Programming

  • Drug Prevention Programming - Lead

  • District/Building Crisis Team Lead

  • Female Empowerment Programs - Girls Night Out

Megan Harrison

  • Assigned counselor for all 9th grade Successful Transition/Socially promoted students

  • Government - EOC

  • Social Studies Dept. Liaison

  • Suicide Prevention activities w/ Johnson

  • Drug Prevention Programming w/ Patterson

  • PARET Team / Individualized Behavior Intervention

  • 504 Faculty/Dept Training

  • District/Building Crisis Team

  • Gifted Testing Coordinator

  • 8th Grade Parent Night

Christy Wills

  • PSAT Co-Coordinator

  • Pirate Connections Committee

  • ACT Work Keys Coordinator

  • Career Fair

  • AP Test Co-coordinator

  • ICAP/MOCap Team Lead