Mission & Vision Statement


P.S.20 is committed to educating the whole child. We believe that using varied methodologies, techniques and strategies will afford all children the opportunity to reach their full emotional, social, and academic potential. We are committed to educating and encouraging students to achieve high standards of excellence in all curriculum areas.

We strongly believe in the importance parent involvement in the educational process. Communication and cooperation among students, parents, staff and administration is seen as crucial to promoting the success of all students. Respect for others and oneself is a fundamental philosophy at P.S.20. A strong emphasis is place on awareness, acceptance, concern, and compassion for all people.

Vision Statement

The faculty, staff, parents and community of P.S.20 view each child as a vital, unique individual, whose education is an essential investment in our future. We empower our students to reach their maximum potentials and help them to become assured, critical thinkers who are committed to continual self-development, personal responsibility and social contribution.

We endeavor to create a vibrant teaching and learning environment by developing collaborative, integrative and cross-curricular projects with life connections that inspire our students to become independently motivated, permanently curious, proud, and engaged with their work. We strive to advance our knowledge, and to be consistently aware of our children's needs and concerns, to identify their strengths and build on them, to encourage and empower them and praise their accomplishments, and to work collaboratively within the school as well as through our students' families and the community.

We pledge to provide our students and teachers with opportunities for success and fulfillment, and to teach and learn with empathy, creativity and effectiveness; we are dedicated to fostering and practicing respect, courage, ingenuity and perseverance in our classrooms and in our community.