PS133BK Legacy

Return. Uplift. Soar.

Return. Uplift. Soar.


PS133BK Legacy is a service program for graduates who are presently in Grades 8 to 12. Legacy Volunteers will have the opportunity throughout the school year both virtually and in person (following all health and safety guidelines) to help out around our PS133BK school community. Legacies may volunteer as little or as much as they agree to. If you are presently in Grade 8 to 12 and graduated from PS133BK join us!

Online tutoring opportunities in reading and math.

What we've done!

Homecoming 2021: Tour guides for new and returning remote students and their families.

Legacies with Principal Foster-Mann

Each legacy received a Legacy Band!

"May I hug you, Mr. Goetz?"

Legacies with Principal Foster-Mann

Legacies with Ms. Wiley and current 133 student

Legacies with Dr. Alexandre

New Family Tours with Emma and Maggi

Legacies and Dr. Alexandre

"Is that you?"

Hugs and more hugs!

New Family Tours with Rose, Amelia and Zahra

New Family Tours with Rayaan, Alice, Chinua and Lionel

New Family Tours with Kayla, Andrea and Jannelle