What is Prosocial Education?

Prosocial education refers to educators intentionally helping students learn to act with kindness and respect as they collaborate and communicate with others. Teachers find that they enjoy teaching more as students become more prosocial.

Prosocial education focuses on helping educators enhance the learning environment by shifting how they interact with students. Our programs focus on implementing research-based strategies to create a classroom culture where both the teachers and students feel valued and respected. 

4 Pillars of ProsocialEd

The ProsocialEd programs focus on the Four Pillars of prosocial education where students learn how to behave and why they should behave this way

Educators focus on and promote positive behaviors through praise as opposed to using rewards and punishments to help students internalize appropriate behaviors as well as learn to self-regulate their behavior. 

Additionally, focusing on positives creates an emotionally positive tone in the classroom that promotes strong teacher-student relationships, and is less stressful for teachers and students