Promont logistik s.r.o.

Established in 1996, Promont logistik s.r.o. continues on the success of Promont elektrotechnika s.r.o. What was originally a manufacturing and logistics company has transformed into a purely logistics company Promont logistik s.r.o. in 2012.

Promont logistik s.r.o. transports goods for customers in Czech Republic as well as other countries in Europe including Germany, Austria, Slovak Republic, Poland, Belgium, Hungary and Netherlands. Customers’ orders are fulfilled using our own vehicles and profesionally trained drivers.

Our drivers annually attend training led by Cesmad Bohemia instructors at their own training facility.

Our company currently owns 30 vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS car-control system from O2 covering the entire network in Europe. The GPS system enables monitoring of the location and movement of the vehicles and goods at all times.

Transported goods are insured up to 10 million KC carrier’s liability bound by CMR convention.


Promont logistik s.r.o. specializes in both domestic and international road transport using our large fleet. We provide transport services of full truck loads as well as partial ones.

Our fleet consists of modern trucks with max net weight of 6.5 tonne, trailers with max net weight of 24 tonne and vans fulfilling EURO 5 and 6 environmental standards. All vehicles are periodically replaced with new ones in order to ensure reliability and safety of transported goods.

Our drivers have years of experience in the industry and are therefore familiar with our customers and their individual needs. Due to our expertise in transporting goods to and from Germany (Dortmund, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Nurnberg specifically), our drivers know how to best serve our customers in the region and deliver high-quality service while eliminating unexpected delays.

In order to ensure your maximum satisfaction and service tailored to your needs, our language skilled dispatchers are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition to transport, we also provide warehouse services that optimize the transportation process.


Jakub Fišpera

+ 420 602 466 172


Lukáš Doskočil

+420 607 262 001


Tereza Doskočilová

+420 728 843 769



Tire services are provided by PROMONT-elektrotechnika s.r.o.

We offer comprehensive tire solutions for:

  • Personal vehicles

  • Commercial vehicles up to 24 inch tire size

Additional services include:

  • Tire sale

  • Tire warehousing for personal vehicles

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 7:30 – 16:00


Promont logistik s.r.o., Staré Sedliště 386, 348 01 Staré Sedliště Telefon: + 420 374 787 732

Comapany registration number: 291 627 00 VAT: CZ 291 627 00 GPS: 49°44’43.8 N 12°41’38.8 E