"The meeting with Jack Jones next Thursday at three is ok. Let him know and remind me the night before. and also a couple of hours before hand. Email Lisa and let her know I will be late by 20 minutes and also let her know where I am. Get on to Tesco's and get some interesting food delivered. See if Mary wants a chat now or just say hi. Find daughter number three and say boo. Swap some money over to Peter's account- not too much, and let him know when it's done. Is it illegal to tow a car with rope? Ask John to bell me about giving me a hand tomorrow. Send the photo of me with the clown suit on to Rachel... ... ... Am I really unreasonable and moody today? Is there a reason why I might be? I keep thinking of whale song - find me some. I'm going into town now - anyone want a lift? I'm not coming back till after five."

My Kit - for me

My kit for me.... oh what a lovely thought!


Take over my phones, my computers, tablets, TVs, thingies of any sort, IoT stuff... whatever

The kit now knows every control on all my kit, it knows what's available to me wherever I am

My kit will get to know me well enough to start tuning my actual technological possessions so that they work better for me, if the kit needs something it isn't getting in order to do its job then it can work out up-selling for you to the items with more scope for understanding you better, that could be far field microphones, better lenses in cameras, faster processing speed or an Arduino or Rasberry Pi add in that helps.

I want my kit to have processed any data that ever goes through any machine I have. I want that data stored till end of life, mine, and beyond... 200 or more years beyond... and still searchable if allowed by me before I die.

My kit will have a web portal for those times when I want to fiddle about with my data or the way things are working as opposed to how I want them to work... or times when something has come up that needs studying more closely.

My thoughts on building this

The daft thing about this is that, given an audience of capable willing and positive people,

I have always seen this getting crowd built -

Crowd funded Mega Corp that is built by the people, for the people.

"Thank you to the 1% for putting in place ALL the technology, and resources needed for giving the 99% the tools to re-balance and upgrade the Global society so that it works well for us all. This can be built NOW"

Birgitta Jónsdóttir for the secure data storage/privacy side and more in Iceland?

Kendall Almerico for the crowdfunding in USA/Global?

Damion Hankejh for his knowledge of the web and AI, from IBMWatson onwards and upwards!