One day they might click... one day

Imagine being determined enough to keep trying the impossible... 'determined'? Maybe a better word might be obsessive... or even mad.

Below is a screenshot of the XPRIZE page which I have to fill in to complete my registration.

I know what I want to build.

I know how it could be built.

I know the companies and organisations and individuals I want to help build this.

I even know a number of people who could do with this technology for helping them in their lives now.

I know where to raise the money too... I think


I've been known as 'Mad Mark' for so long even I am scared that me building my kit might end up John Connering the world!

Accomplishments? Skills?? Nothing society would notice

Accomplishments? Skills?? Nothing society would notice...

Imagine a single man trying to pull together a disparate 'team' of strangers (strangers to him and almost certainly to each other) when that man has no skills that society would notice and seems, in all likelihood, never to have achieved anything that society knows how to measure... or even cares a damn about measuring.

This man has been babbling on about doing this for over two decades now.

I'm about to ask my family and friends to see if they can come up with anything to put in those boxes for my bio for the IBMWatson A.I. XPRIZE - anything I can think of sounds ... well, not what 'they' want.