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Teammates, this one's for you!

Here you can find all the surveys, plans, and other general information that concerns you.

Please contact Josie if you have materials that should be added.

Competition Saturday!

You've got this! See below for reminders about what to bring and what to do to prepare. Work on memorizing your script and learning as much as you can about the problem/solution/robot. Ask Questions! Remember to smile! Forget about the dusty robot board!


December 15! Mark your calendars! Awesome work! <applause>!

Competition Sunday! (YAY!)

Things to bring:Astronauts-NASA hatMoney for concessions (optional)Snacks (optional)Something to do (it's a long day, and being bored is no fun)Laptops (optional, but in case we need to change something)Pencil case (with glue sticks, tape, and Sharpies, if you can)
Things to remember:You've been preparing for this for months! You've got this!Smile! Our best asset is our friendliness!
How to Prepare:Read through EVERYTHING on the website.It is your obligation to be able to answer questions. Even if you spent more time on the robot than on research, you still have to know about the problem and solution. And vice versa; research team should be able to answer questions about robot design and programming. If you don't know, ask!Sleep!It's scientifically proven to help you!

Script for Presentation! Please read through! Study and try to memorize your part! Make sure you know what you are doing! Also think about what you can wear that will make you seem like the profession you're playing (ex: NASA hat for astronaut, lab coat for scientist, etc)

Skit Idea (#1)

Homework 10/23/18

-Figure out how to get vinegar into space cheaply

-How can we fix the problems of the solution?

-Is there a better solution out there? Find it!

-Send me your quotes (email, google doc, etc)

Solution Part 1 Presentation

What we talked about 10/23

For review or in case you missed it.

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