short circuit robotics

What happens when you combine robotics with water? Short Circuits

What do you not want to happen in space? A Short Circuit

What do you call the most energetic-ly awesome robotics team? The Short Circuits

Welcome to the website of the Short-Circuit Robotics Team!

Here you will find information on our problem, solution, core values, and our team members.


Watch the Short Circuits Present!

Do you want to see the Short Circuit team in action? Now you can! Click the video to watch the team present in 360 view.

We're Going to Sectionals!

YAY! The Short Circuits, in a display of incredible intelligence and core values, worked extremely hard as a team, winning an award, being nominated for the Champion's Award, and advancing to the next round of competition! Awesome work!

Competition Sunday!

It's that time again! The Short Circuits are heading to Rufus King High School for their competition. It will involve presentations (problem, core values, robot design) and three robot battles. We've got this! ("Don't Stop Believing" by Journey)

The Short Circuits Make a Movie!

With exceptional use of the Core Values, the Short Circuits helped Josie (mentor) with her homework, making a movie trailer. In this experience, the Short Circuits learned about how technology and robotics can be applied to film. They also demonstrated their use of the core values through some long and boring takes, and staying out of the complicated action shots. Thanks to everyone who helped film!

Follow us on Spotify!

Our playlist is public and open to all to listen. It features songs that define us as a team. There are songs about this year's theme, (space) such as David Bowie's "Starman" and the Electric Light Orchestra's "Mr. Blue Sky". Furthermore, there are songs about us as a team, such as Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" and the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive". We came together as a team in picking songs, and that is reflected in the wide variety of music displayed on the playlist.

Solution is now viewable on the website!

Check out the solution paragraphs, as well as a diagram explaining the breakdown.

Lab Time!

The Short Circuits met in the science lab to work together on the solution. In the process, they used teamwork to make some really cool chemicals. More pictures below!

Research Team Finalizes Problem

At the meeting on October 16, the research team, after hours of research finally finalized the problem. Look for an update soon with the final paragraphs added to the team site.