Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 pandemic the PEPG Worshop is postponed.

The Workshop will be held during 5th to 11th September 2021.

The Next PEPG Workshop will be held on

5 - 11 September 2021

Registration will open in Spring 2021

Thanks for support from:

Who we are:

The Plant Environmental Physiology Group (PEPG) is a special interest group of the Society for Experimental Biology and the British Ecological Society The Workshop will provide a unique opportunity for MSc, PhD students and early career researchers to gain hands-on experience and training in plant ecophysiology techniques from leading scientists and manufacturers.

The Workshop:

The intensive five day long workshop will include demonstrations of key field and lab techniques:

  • leaf-level processes including photosynthetic gas exchange.
  • chlorophyll fluorescence (including imaging).
  • canopy processes including stable isotopes, monitoring canopy development/Leaf Area Index, IR thermography.
  • plant water status hydraulic conductance.
  • soil, water, roots, nutrient status.
  • theory and practice of long-term monitoring under field conditions, including micrometeorology, eddy covariance, and remote sensing methodologies.

This comprehensive workshop provides an unrivalled opportunity for manufacturers to introduce their latest equipment and give hands-on training.

The successful format includes a daily programme of lectures introducing the theory of techniques, with a demonstration of the equipment, followed by hands on sessions for participants to collect data. Evening sessions allow group discussions of techniques and data analysis, as well as a research poster session.

Thanks for support from:

The following internationally renowned scientists taught and demonstrated key techniques at the previous workshop:

  • Professor Susanne von Caemmerer (ANU, Australia)
  • Professor Howard Griffiths (Cambridge, UK)
  • Professor David Kramer (Michigan State, USA)
  • Professor Kathy Steppe (Ghent, Belgium)
  • Dr Carl Bernacchi (USDA, USA)
  • Dr Bernard Genty (CNRS, France)
  • Dr Andrew Leakey (Illinois, USA)
  • Dr Colin Campbell (METER, USA)
  • Dr Wanne Kromdijk (Cambridge, UK)*
  • Dr Richard Webster (LJMU, UK)*
  • Professor Stephen Long (Illinois & Lancaster)
  • Professor Tracy Lawson (Essex, UK)
  • Professor Xinguang Zhu (CAS, China)
  • Professor Lawren Sack (UCLA, USA)
  • Professor Gary Lanigan (Teagasc, Ireland)
  • Dr Jochem Evers (Wageningen, NL)
  • Dr Douglas Cobos (METER, USA)
  • Dr Katie Field (Leeds, UK)
  • Dr Amanda Rasmussen (Nottingham, UK)*
  • Dr Steven Driever (Wageningen, NL)*

The 2021 Workshop Organising Team

  • Dr Amanda Rasmussen (Nottingham, UK)
  • Dr Richard Webster (LJMU, UK)
  • Dr Wanne Kromdijk (Cambridge, UK)
  • Dr Steven Driever (Wageningen, NL)