Drug Safety Alerts

Attention (ALERT)!

France Orders Recall of Celia Lactalis over Salmonella Fears!

Healthcare Professionals are requested to immediately stop the use and sale of following contaminated batches:

Celia Develop 2:17C0012986

Celia Develop 2:17c0013359

Celia Develop 3:17C0012726

Celia Digest:17C0012805

Celia Digest:17C0013226

Celia Anti Regurgitation:17C0012550

Celia Anti Regurgitation:17C0013033

Celia Diarrheas’ Action:17C0012762

Celia Anti Regurgitation:17C0013507

Celia Develop 3:17C0013423

Celia LF Infant:17C0013550

Celia Premature:17C0013492

Celia Allernutri EHF:17C0013287

Drug Safety Alerts,

Provincial Drug Control Unit,

Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department,

Govt. of the Punjab