• Our performance is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.
  • We are limited to 1-2 performances per month. We also do not perform during the summer months (June-August) or December.
  • Our most common audiences are LDS Relief Society and Young Women groups, which often combine together for this event. We would consider opportunities to perform for other various groups if it corresponds with Diamond Dance Company's mission.
  • There is no charge for the performance. We enjoy sharing our program and do so as a service.
  • We prefer to begin the show at 7:00 pm. Company members arrive two hours prior to the show to prepare the stage, sound equipment and dressing room. This is followed by an on-stage spacing rehearsal, warm up and changing into costumes. The two hours of prep time are essential to a smoother performance. It is more difficult to begin the show earlier as the prep time does not include the time performers spend arranging family needs (carpools, babysitters, etc.) as well as drive time to be on location. We appreciate your mindfulness of this, but are also willing to review requests for a different time on a case-by case basis.
  • We have had many priesthood endorsements for our performances in the past.


  • Try to see a performance before we come to your area. This helps you better understand how to advertise the program to your organization. Many have shared that they would've invited someone had they known that the program is a great missionary tool and is a unique, non-threatening event for which all are welcome.
  • Once a performance is scheduled further performance details will be sent via email. Carefully read this email as it outlines tasks that need to be completed on your part to prepare for the program (i.e. microphone stands, clean stage, set-up of chairs, program to be printed, an introduction you will use at the beginning of the program, etc.).
  • Please keep your date once scheduled. There are many schedules we clear just for your performance - arrangements for childcare, carpools, events, etc., as well as other performance requests that we may have to turn down if the requested date coincides with your scheduled date.
  • Try to have an audience of at least 2 wards and/or a combination of Relief Society and Young Women groups for a larger audience in attendance. Many times we've been asked to perform for other wards in the same building due to the positive reviews our audiences have shared with neighboring friends. Combining groups frees up dates for other organizations and allows us to share our program with as many women as possible.
  • We prefer to perform on a stage in an LDS cultural hall as it is more suitable for an audience. However, we are equipped to set-up a stage area on the gym floor as we realize not all churches have a stage. It is incredibly helpful to have stage dimensions as well as entrances and exits to the stage area (a picture snapped on your cell phone and sent our way is ideal). We use this information to rehearse for your particular stage.
  • Clear the stage area of all items to alleviate safety hazards for our dancers. This includes clearing behind curtains, sweep/mop or vacuum stage area (to allow dancing in bare feet), and ensure curtains and lights are checked for proper functioning (at times lights are burned out which darkens the performance area). Checking on these items well in advance allows time for maintenance to make needed repairs.
  • If callings change before the performance, please pass on all information to the new leaders AND to us so that we can manage a smooth transition and keep the show on track as scheduled.

We want things to be as efficient as possible when we perform at your location. Knowing the time it takes on both ends to make this work, it is important that the above items are taken care of in advance. Thank you for your efforts to make the performance an uplifting experience for your group.

We look forward to performing in your area soon!