The main qualification to become a member of the Diamond Dance Company is a love of dance and/or music and a devotion to the Savior. If you are interested in joining the group we highly recommend that you come see a performance to gain a better understanding of what we do and get a feel for the show.

We usually have about 12 performing dancers and 3 singers in our group. We give 1-2 performances per month, although we do not perform during the summer months or December. There is an essential time commitment involved including rehearsal time and performances. However, being a part of Diamond Dance will prove to be one of the most rewarding dancing/singing experiences you’ll encounter!

We feel lucky to associate with not only amazing dancers and singers, but more importantly, faithful, strong and kindhearted women! It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of something much greater than ourselves and to be able to use talents for such good.

We realize this group is not about us individually, but truly feel we volunteer our time and energy dedicated to creating a program that is inviting to all, spiritually uplifting and draws women closer to the Savior.


We encourage you to join us for technique class each week (first hour of our rehearsal time is dedicated to technique). Those who show commitment to rehearsals and a willingness to learn will be asked to understudy a part and then eventually become a regular performer as needs/spots open up on the performing company. Please contact us HERE for further information.


We are always open to those looking for opportunities to share their singing talent. Currently, we are looking to add an additional singer to our group. We look for singers with a strong background in vocal performance. If you are interested, please contact us HERE to schedule a private audition. You will need to prepare a musical selection to present at the audition. Performing with Diamond Dance is an amazing way to uplift and better women's lives through your gift of music!