The Diamond Dance Company is a Utah-based group whose mission is to share a testimony of the Savior through song and dance. Since 2004, the Diamond Dance Company has inspired and moved audiences throughout the Wasatch Front with a presentation entitled, “Shining the Light of Our Savior’s Love” - a live performance comprised of singers and dancers sharing the gift of music, movement and testimony.

The members of Diamond Dance Company come from all walks of life but unite with a single vision of volunteering our time and energy dedicated to creating a program that is inviting and spiritually uplifting by drawing others closer to the Savior. We share our testimonies of Him, including personal experiences and adversities, as well as the strength and blessings we receive as we turn to the Savior.

We’ve performed for over a hundred church groups (ward, multi-ward or stake women and/or young women organizations) and have continually been well-received. We enjoy bringing our program to women and do so as a service. It’s our way to give back to Him who gave all to us.

We are accepting performance requests and would love the opportunity to present for your group. Complimentary performances are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Instructions for scheduling a show can be found here.

Thank you for visiting Diamond Dance!