Most four-year colleges require the SAT Reasoning Test/ACT and some also require SAT Subject Tests and it is important to be aware of the colleges’ testing and score requirements.

The maximum score is 1600. It is recommended that students take the SAT a minimum of 2 times;

Fee Waivers: PE&T students receive 2 fee waivers, and if you wish to take the test a third time, you will have to pay for the test. One fee waivers may have been used in the spring during your junior year.

If you were not happy with your SAT score from last spring or have not taken the SAT yet, it is recommended that you prepare for the test online at using Khan Academy, or through local resources providing test preparation.

At the time of registration for your SAT, you may request your scores be sent to up to 4 colleges of your choice at no additional cost. Additional requests for score reports can also be made at a later time for a fee. It is the student’s responsibility to request his/her official scores be sent directly from the College Board to each college using It is to the student’s benefit to have his/her appropriate test scores available when submitting your application to the college.

Sending SAT Scores: The student will also have to choose colleges to send the scores to. It is recommended that the scores are sent without knowledge of the first test scores. There is a window that the scores can be sent for free, & once that window is over, the student will have to pay $12. The first scores being sent both show interest in the school & will show improvement when the student takes the SAT again.

When it comes to the SAT prep, Khan Academy offers a personalized practice test based off of any previous tests taken, including the PSAT. Khan Academy analyzes the results & creates a test that includes the type of question that the student could improve on so the student is able to practice.