Welcome! My name is Ms. Cramphorn. I am the school counselor at Philadelphia E&T focusing on college & career planning and preparation for all Philadelphia E&T students.

The students at Philadelphia E&T receive endless support pertaining to their academics, social and emotional growth and post-secondary planning.

This site will provide you with the necessary information to keep you as up to date as possible with important information to guide each student through the post-secondary planning process.

Homelessness Awareness

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Are you staying with family or friends because of money issues or had a house fire?

Are you staying in a hotel, shelter, the streets or other place that is not your home?

Are you staying with family or friends because you are having issues at home?

"Homelessness" for youth has many different meanings. One important meaning is that you are in TRANSITIONAL LIVING without a stable home at this time. We want to help! Philadelphia E&T is able to provide secondary resources and support once a student or family has requested help.
WE DO NOT CONTACT HUMAN SERVICES*, WE ONLY WANT TO OFFER SUPPORT! *Human Services will be contacted if there is a safety concern, otherwise it is just support!

CLICK HERE! to let a teacher or staff member know ASAP and we will make sure your secondary needs are met- that means we will help make sure you have the following:

  • Education (we will do whatever we can to make sure you are able to attend your Zoom classes and learn!)
  • Clothing (winter is coming, do you need a coat?!)
  • Food (we can provide food vouchers)
  • Internet (we have hot spots!)
  • Chromebook or iPad (whichever is required for your grade at PE&T)
  • School Supplies (do you need pencils, a schoolbag, notebooks, etc?)
  • Medical Services (do you need help finding a doctor or need help with immunizations?)
  • Counseling Services (do you need to talk to someone?)
  • Tutoring Services (do you need help with your classes?)

FAFSA Opens October 1st!

Class of 2022 - Text @cramp22 to 81010

Class of 2023 - Text @cramp23 to 81010