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Premont ISD is committed to providing quality services for all our students. The term “special education” refers to instruction that is specially designed to meet each student's needs throughout the school day.

All students are general education students first, and the provision of special education and related services, or Section 504 accommodations and supplementary aids and services, are provided in addition to general education—not in place of it. The primary instructional goal for all services is that students with disabilities are able to access and progress in the general curriculum through an Individualized Education Program, or IEP, built on a standards-based framework.

The Special Education team exists to support the Premont ISD mission of ensuring that children who receive special education services are provided with access to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. The team also works to ensure that students receive a quality education that enables them to achieve their potential and participate fully in future social, economic and educational opportunities.

Premont Early College Academy Staff

  • Nora Bedford - Special Education Teacher - nbedford@premontisd.net

  • Fatima Ellong - Special Education Teacher - fellong@premontisd.net

  • Cynthia Oroperza - Special Education Teacher- coropeza@premontisd.net

  • Martha Barrera - Special Education Instructional Support

  • Adolfo Chavez - Special Education Instructional Support

  • Leticia Martinez - Special Education Instructional Support

  • Iris Niderhauser - Special Education Instructional Support

  • Nancy Zelaya - Special Education Instructional Support

Premont Collegiate High School Staff

Links to Special Education Pages

  • Requests for an Initial Evaluation can be made to:

  • Any other individual (ex. Campus Counselors, Teachers, etc.) that are notified of a Parental Request for an Initial Evaluation will need to provide the information of the request to the Special Education Director within 48 hours.

  • TEA Updates in Special Education

  • Parent Request for Compensatory Services (English & Spanish)

  • Texas Transition and Employment Guide (English & Spanish)

  • Information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Dyslexia, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. (TEA Website)

  • Procedural Safeguards & A Parent's Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal (ARD) Process

  • Special Education Rules and Regulations

Child Find Operational Guidelines

  • Referral for Possible Special Education Services

  • Child Find Duty

  • Children Who Transfer

  • Dyslexia Services

  • Children Ages 0-5

Evaluation Operational Guidelines

  • Disability Categories

  • Evaluation Procedures

  • Review of Existing Evaluation Data

  • Independent Educational Evaluation

Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) Operational Guidelines

  • Free and Appropriate Public Education Composite

  • Amendment without a Meeting

  • Least Restrictive Environment

  • Transition and Graduation Composite

  • Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee Membership

  • Parent Participation

  • Admission, Review, and Dismissal Committee Meeting

  • Evaluation Referrals

  • Dyslexia Service Providers

  • To the Administrator Addressed - Dyslexia Updates

  • Dyslexia Handbook 2021 & Questions and Answer (Q&A) Document

  • Important Changes for Families to Understand (English & Spanish)

  • Premont ISD Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Related Disorders Program Handbook

  • What is Dyslexia?

Parent Resources

Special Education Supplemental Services (SSES) Apply Today (Online)

SSES Services (Spanish).pdf
Class Wallet (Spanish).pdf



The Special Education Information Center (SPEDTex) provides resources and interactive features for increasing family awareness of disabilities and special education processes, with the goal of improving partnerships between schools and families.

Contact information:

Phone: 1-855-773-3839

Email: inquire@spedtex.org

Live Chat: www.spedtex.org

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