BCS Counseling

Mission & Goals

Welcome to Beverly Cleary School and the Beverly Cleary Counseling Center! Overall our role is to provide all students equitable access to a quality developmentally appropriate and comprehensive counseling program focused on academic success, personal and social development, and career and college counseling. Counselors, in partnership with teachers, students, parents, community members and administrators, will ensure that each and every student becomes a life-long learner and a respectful citizen of a diverse, multicultural, and international community. The school counseling program at Beverly Cleary is based on the American School Counseling Association National Model (ASCA) and Portland Public Schools Counseling Framework.


As the Beverly Cleary School Counseling Center, we believe that students have the right to:

These services are provided through four program components of classroom counseling curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and support services. Delivery of these services may be provided through the following components: 

Classroom Counseling Lessons  

Small Counseling Groups  

Individual Student Short Term Check-ins

Transition Assistance 

Teacher Consultation 

 Parent Consultation