PCHS Science Summer Assignments

All students enrolled in a Grade 9 science class or an AP science class for the 2023-2024 school year are required to complete a Science Summer Assignment. All freshmen students will have the same summer assignment. Grades 10-12 AP Science Summer Assignments are specific to the AP course in which the student is enrolled.

The assignment MUST be completed before the first day of school, and some classes require turn-ins during the summer. The summer assignment was designed to help you prepare for your science class. Completion of the Science Summer Assignment will help to ensure that you are ready for the course. If you are unsure how to proceed on the assignment, feel free to ask a sibling or parent for guidance, or seek help from a friend who is confident. This assignment will be counted as part of your first marking period grade.

If you have questions, feel free to email Mrs. Rosenmund at prosenmund@powerscatholic.org.

Have a great summer!


The PCHS Science Department 

If you are in one the following science classes, you are required to complete a summer assignment:

9th Grade Biology and 9th Grade Biology Advanced

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

AP Physics

There are not summer assignments for the following science classes:

10th Grade Advanced Physical Science

Anatomy & Physiology

Earth Science

Forensic Science