Miss Crossman's Fifth Grade Class

5th Grade Teacher

East End Community School

Portland, Maine

Welcome Back!

This might not have been the summer you anticipated (one that you expected), but I do hope that you had some fun and maybe made some new memories. Our school year will look different but we will learn together and make the most of this new start. Here are some highlights of the new plans:

School Day:

Start: 7:45 am

End: 12:30 pm

Cohort Schedules:

A Group: Monday/Thursday

B Group: Tuesday/Friday



Important Updates:


If students have a school chromebook, please have them bring it to school each day. Thank you. Those that have home technology will be provided with a school chromebook for them to take back and forth to school

Remote Days:

As we get this first week started, students will receive review packets for their remote learning day. Please use TalkingPoints or email to ask any questions and I will try to respond between 10:45-11:15 or after dismissal .

Book Orders:

If you choose, I do plan to do monthly book orders. Books purchased by families help to provide books for in the classrooms. There is an online component and Scholastic will send books directly to your home.

Scholastic Class Code: NVQ9J

Flyer link is located below.

Other Sites to Know:

Mrs. Williams: Williams Website

Mr. Nogar: Rise and Shine!

Ms. Queen: P.E. Class

Mrs. Maher: Art Class

Mr. Fulwider: Music Class

Mrs. Brown: SEL Learning

Principal Site: Principals Site

East End School Site: School Site

Need some help logging in? Watch Mr. Brown teach you about the Google Apps!

Check out the twitter feed for new things and exciting happenings in the classroom!


About the Classroom:

In the classroom I like the students to have a voice and be a part of their education. Projects, technology, hands on work, and experiments are all part of the yearly learning. In this ever changing world, we are working with students to help them prepare for jobs that might not even exist yet! By incorporating many different learning styles and strategies, students learn to fail and grow.

About Me:

I am a 5th grade teacher at East End Community School in Portland, ME. I teach my students about math, reading, writing, social studies, and science. I enjoy all parts of learning but am very passionate about technology and science.

Aside from teaching school, I am also an avid nature enthusiast. I like to spend time at the ocean or lake diving and snorkeling. I also enjoy hiking and am looking forward to fall so that I can enjoy some leaf changing hikes.