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Click the image to watch a variety of short, engaging videos about food, gardening, wellness, and more!

Maine Harvest of the Month

Click the image the discover what vegetable is being featured this month!


Click the image for a chance to improve upon your overall wellbeing through credible websites, graphics, and videos with special focus on wellness during a pandemic!

Central Kitchen

Click the image to discover who is preparing you school meal with care, as well as where your local produce comes from!

Where to Get Free Meals

Click the image to discover where you can pick up a free meal this summer!

Introducing the PPS Food Service Department

Meet the people that make your food! Starring, Jane McLucas, the PPS Food Service Director!

Introducing: Wellness!

Introducing: Grow!


Introducing: Nutrition!


Introducing: Food Waste and Sustainability!

Movie on 5-8-20 at 1.24 PM.mov

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