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Summer Meals!

Summer meals are free for all kids and teens 18 or under. Everyone is welcome!

Learn About Food!

Here you can learn more about where your food comes from, how it helps you grow, and where it goes when you're done with it!

Stay fueled

We want you to be fueled with good food to keep you learning and healthy. On this page you can also find:

Introducing the PPS Food Service Department

Meet the people that make your food! Starring, Jane McLucas, the PPS Food Service Director!

Introducing our Food Lesson Series

Check out our weekly lessons on food!

We will kick off our lessons after Spring Break on April 27th with a lesson about growing food!

Introducing: Grow!


Introducing: Nutrition!


Introducing: Food Waste and Sustainability!

Movie on 5-8-20 at 1.24 PM.mov

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