Portland Public Schools

Mental Health Team Services

**Please Note**

This site is not being updated regularly while Portland Public Schools are in the in-person or hybrid learning model

Please reach out to your student's school directly for information regarding available supports and resources

During this period of remote learning, the Portland Public Schools' Mental Health Team is committed to continuing to provide support to our students and families.

*Check back often as the website is being continuously updated with new information and resources*

Please follow this link to find a list of our team members, our contact information, and to schedule a virtual appointment.

Our social workers, school counselors, and school psychologists will all be available to schedule virtual appointments.

We are all living in a time of heightened anxiety and many of us, adults and children alike, could benefit from the resources we gathered.

There are many local and national programs available to help with basic necessities and to ensure that all children have access to food while schools are closed.

Portland Public Schools will be providing free "Grab and Go" meals for students.

How do you talk to your childabout COVID-19? We've compiled resources to help navigate these conversations and support children through this stressful time.

Here you will also find links to free educational resources to help support remote learning.

If you are a student or the parent/guardian of a student who is experiencing a mental health crisis, such as suicidal thoughts or actions of self-harm, please contact Mobile Crisis at 211.

If you are an educator from another district and have questions about how to create a similar site for your school, please feel free to reach out to our school social worker Kate Bohannan