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Welcome to the Life Saver Academy!

The Lifesaver Academy will offer online resources and enrichment on their Google Classroom pages during this time of distance learning. If you have any questions regarding enrichment assignments or the resources provided, please contact the classroom teachers using the links below!

Please read the attached letters (Google Classroom Letter & Letter to Parents and Students) below. These are also posted on your child's "Lifesaver Academy Google Classroom" page. Please check this google classroom frequently. This page will serve as a source of communication for Lifesaver Academy students and their families! We miss our students and hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!

~Mrs. Halstead, Lifesaver Academy Leader


Together students and teachers will work together to foster a safe and inviting learning community for all. Students will be taught using whole class instruction and co-teaching models (parallel teaching, station teaching, etc.)

Click on the GOOGLE CLASSROOM link below to sign in and monitor all Classwork and homework assignments. Click on the Life Saver Calendar link above to see upcoming projects, tests, and quizzes.

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Your Life Saver Team


Mrs. Halstead:: Academy Leader & ELA with Mrs. Broems

Mrs. Broems:: ELA with Mrs. Halstead

Mrs. Sacrone:: ELA


Mrs. Neckman:: Mathematics with Mrs. Telesco

Mrs. Telesco:: Mathematics with Mrs. Neckman

Ms. Terrell:: Math

Social Studies

Mr. Doherty:: Social Studies with Mrs. Pizzano

Mrs. Pizzano:: Social Studies with Mr. Doherty


Mrs. Reynolds:: Science with Mrs. Figliomeni

Mrs. Figliomeni:: Science with Mrs. Reynolds

Foreign Languages

Ms. Guzman:: Spanish

Mrs. Martinez:: Italian

Mrs. Figura:: Italian

Reading and Resource Room

Mrs. Farley:: Reading/Read 180

Mrs. McTyre:: Resource Room/ENL/LC

Great Minds at Work

Click through the slide show to see what is happening in your child's classrooms :-)

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