What is

  • High quality, expert-led courses
  • Broad range of content across business, tech, software and creative topics
  • Constantly refreshed content, more than 25 courses added a week
  • Anytime, anywhere learning available online or offline
  • Accessible on desktop, tablets, smartphones
  • Flexible options from bite size tutorials to comprehensive courses
  • Create, share or assign personal playlists

How to use

Teaching with

Use in the curriculum

  • Teaching campus based and distance students
  • Use playlists relevant to teaching and the course programme, encouraging focused learning
  • Teach technical and general skills outside the classroom
  • Make the most of a flipped classroom
  • Use as pre-work or as part of reading lists

Use with students

  • Enable student independent learning and development
  • Develop digital capabilities and keep up to date with new technology
  • Develop professional and employability skills
  • Demonstrate learning and increase visibility by sharing course completion certificates
  • Offer a wider range of learning opportunities and enhance the student experience

Learning with

Use with staff

  • Develop digital capabilities, enable staff to take part in digital transformation and keep up with technology
  • Enhancing teaching by supporting classroom technologies
  • Assist managers to support staff development, signpost opportunities
  • Map online courses to professional development frameworks
  • Assist projects, software and system roll outs

Use personally

  • Develop technology, creative and business skills
  • Plan personal development, track course history and recent activity
  • Set up playlists and bookmark favourite courses
  • Earn certificates of course completion and show them on professional profiles
  • Download content offline
  • Keep up with new courses, view recommendations and courses popular with other users