Testimonials and case studies

What people are saying about Lynda.com

"Lynda.com is a great tool that has a wide range of uses for students. It will enable students to have an online resource where they can utilise the materials which tie into their course" James Belemonte, President, Student Union

"Lynda.com is a high quality resource, can be used in a number of our courses to support students, course leaders and lecturers. It has potential to enhance teaching and use contact time more effectively" Jason Oakley, Associate Dean of Students, Science

"My research is digital media and political communication, so the courses on software and web development would be especially useful." James Dennis, Senior Lecturer, Humanities and Social Sciences

"We can embed courses in our Moodle units. I will definitely use them in the Educational Computing unit and as enrichment for distance learning students." Petronella Beukman, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing

"I think this is a wonderful resource and will be of great help to both staff and students." Dr Abdul Tawfik, Principal Lecturer, School of Engineering

"We use Lynda.com all the time to support our learning materials and CPD, the transcripts and additional materials work really well." Neil Hunt, Creative Skills Tutor, CCI

"This maps directly to the workshops we offer. Lynda.com can be used to compliment those sessions, offer an alternative solution and would assist all of our students off campus." James Brand, E-learning Co-ordinator, Graduate School

"Lynda.com is a great resource" Andrew Minter, Director, Information Services

Case studies

Software tutorials using Lynda.com

This case study looks at how Lynda.com is being used in Architecture at University of Plymouth to support students learning 3D modelling software.

Staff Development at Manchester Metropolitan University

MMU used Lynda.com to increase their training provision and signpost staff to courses at just the right time.

Institute wide solution at University of West of England

UWE relies on Lynda.com for institute wide, on demand instruction.

Using Lynda.com to develop IT staff

University of Durham uses Lynda.com to provide preparation for certification and cutting edge training to 200 IT staff.