PCS College and Career Counseling

Counseling Overview

The College and Career Counselor serves the students and families, primarily in 9th -12th grades, by providing a program which focuses on the major aspects of the career counseling and college planning/placement process. The College and Career Counselor works in coordination with other members of the faculty, as well as with the school administration, to assist students in discovering their strengths and interests, exploring careers, and finding institutions of higher learning which will meet these interests, strengths and values. He/she teaches curriculum that supports students in their exploration of careers and helps them understand the college application process. The College and Career Counselor designs and directs a program of activities to assist students with college planning in 9th-12th grades including: academic preparation for college, meeting both graduation and college acceptance requirements, college searches, school and financial aid applications, scholarship searches, testing, recommendations, and transition to college.