SWPA Personalized Learning Network

A Collaboration of Innovative Educators in SWPA

The Greater Pittsburgh region has emerged as a leading center of education innovation. From a nationally recognized Remake Learning Network to leading edge learning science research at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the University of Pittsburgh, educators have access to amazing resources to help with the creative brainstorming necessary to address pressing educational challenges.

While schools are exploring new approaches on many fronts, Personalized Learning is gaining traction as a key part of a broader K-12 transformation movement. To help tackle the unique challenges of implementing personalized learning, a group of schools have come together to form the SWPA Personalized Learning Network (PLPGH). The goal of the network is to facilitate a dialogue where educators can discuss their projects and collectively strengthen and accelerate their programs by sharing successes, issues and lessons learned.

No More "One Size Fits All"

Educators face unique challenges engaging today's tech savvy students and preparing them for a rapidly shifting career landscape. Traditional practices with "one teacher, teaching one subject, to one class, using one curriculum, at one pace, for one hour" must evolve. We need innovative new strategies where instructional practices are flexibly adapted to meet the needs of each student and students are actively involved in determining the path and pace of their learning.

To learn more about the Personalized Learning Network, please contact Chris Sweeney, Program Director at sweeney@plpgh.org or follow us on Twitter @PLPGH18.