Parkway Access Learning Today

ALT 2019 Projects:

  • 9th Grade Chromebook Deployment

Access Learning Today (ALT), the ALT project is a springboard to transforming teaching and learning in the digital age. ALT will provide the tools and content that give students the ability to create, access, and experience all the world has to offer.

In the fall of 2017, every middle school student received a Chromebook for use in the classroom and at home. We are expanding the rollout in the fall of 2018 to include 9th grade students. The rollout of Chromebooks will continue in the high schools with the goal of all students in grades 2-12 having individual access by 2021.

This project will include all initiatives meant to provide digital content, devices and systems for the purpose of educating Parkway students. This currently includes Chromebooks, G Suite, Schoology, tablets, Hour of Code, and BrightBytes. We will also develop a digital content strategy to insure all students have access to high quality digital content.

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