Welcome to Ms. Harvey's Intervention Homepage!!

Dear Conte Families,

Welcome to my Intervention Homepage! My name is Ms. Harvey and I am a General Interventionist at Conte Elementary School. This will be my 3rd year at Conte and I love it here! I actually began my education here at Conte in Kindergarten and to have come full circle has been a truly wonderful experience, it has felt like coming home. 
Each year what I teach changes based on our students' needs. This year I am working in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. In both of these grades we have piloted a new reading program called the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction program or ECRI. I am teaching this program in both grades with small groups of students. If your student is in one of my groups and you would like to sign up for our parent app REMIND see below it's easy! To learn more about ECRI see the tab at the top of my page. For more about me and how I came to be here at Conte click here! 
I sincerely look forward to working with each and every one of you this year. Please any time you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to me. My email address is jharvey@pittsfield.net and I will also set up a Remind App where you will be able to text me through the App (you can also email if you do not have a smartphone). This App is a tool that I use to communicate with families regularly through group texts about what is happening in class, I can send pictures of our class projects, lessons and learning and lastly, I can communicate with you privately about your student in a quick and efficient manner. So watch for information to come home on how to sign up, it's quick and easy! Here's looking forward to a wonderful year!

Ms. Harvey

Directions to Sign Up for Our ECRI Remind Group App!

remind invite.pdf

12/18/17 Winter Break is fast approaching! remember just because we are not in school it doesn't mean kids can't practice their reading and math skills in a fun way! Check out my Website Resources Tab for fun online games!

1/1/18 Happy New Year!! We are back to school tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great break! We are going to be jumping right into learning new sight words, reading new stories and practicing learning to read new words. Students will also participate in some testing with their classes this month, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

1/22/18 Our ECRI Groups are moving right along, here are some words to practice with students at home:

  1. put
  2. said
  3. want
  4. good
  5. no
  6. home
  7. into
  8. many
  9. then
  10. tree
  11. small
  12. read
  13. soon
  14. afraid
  15. again
  16. few
  17. how
  18. friends
  19. soon
  20. house

2/1/18 In Mrs. Duffy's class we are in Unit 3 Week 4 Day 4 of ECRI and Mrs. Biros' class is in Unit 2 Week 1 Day 1 Congratulations everyone is working very hard! Here are some fun ways to practice sight words.... Quizlet is a website where you can create your own lists of words, spelling words, vocabulary words, sight words etc. and then it will make them into flash cards, games, tests etc. for you!!! You can also just search their database and there are many Quizlets that are already done for you! Here is one on Sight Words for Grade 1..https://quizlet.com/157395764/grade-1-sight-words-flash-cards/ They also have an app if you want to use Quizlet on your phone or tablet and it is all free!

2/5/18 Reminder Round 2 of Parent Conferences are coming up February 15th 3:30-6:30pm and February 16th 12:30-2:45pm. Come see what your student has been working on in class!

2/26/18 Welcome back to school! Look for new word lists, spelling lists and your weekly Remind text with words to study!

3/12/18 Snow Snow Snow! With all this snow please review spelling lists that are sent home with the kids! We are working on words that you have to change the "y" to an "i" and then add a suffix, for example.. bunny to bunnies. Some words to practice this week: