Welcome to Ms. Harvey's Intervention Homepage!!

Dear Conte Families,
Welcome to my Intervention Homepage! My name is Ms. Harvey and I am a General Interventionist at Conte Elementary School. This will be my 3rd year at Conte and I love it here! I actually began my education here at Conte in Kindergarten and to have come full circle has been a truly wonderful experience, it has felt like coming home. 
Each year what I teach changes based on our students' needs. This year I am working in Kindergarten and 1st Grade. In both of these grades we have piloted a new reading program called the Enhanced Core Reading Instruction program or ECRI. I am teaching this program in both grades with small groups of students. If your student is in one of my groups and you would like to sign up for our parent app REMIND see below it's easy! To learn more about ECRI see the tab at the top of my page. For more about me and how I came to be here at Conte click here! 
I sincerely look forward to working with each and every one of you this year. Please any time you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to me. My email address is jharvey@pittsfield.net and I will also set up a Remind App where you will be able to text me through the App (you can also email if you do not have a smartphone). This App is a tool that I use to communicate with families regularly through group texts about what is happening in class, I can send pictures of our class projects, lessons and learning and lastly, I can communicate with you privately about your student in a quick and efficient manner. So watch for information to come home on how to sign up, it's quick and easy! Here's looking forward to a wonderful year!
Ms. Harvey

Queridas familias de Conte,

¡Bienvenido a mi página de Intervention! Mi nombre es Ms. Harvey y soy intervencionista general en la escuela primaria Conte. Este será mi tercer año en Conte y ¡me encanta! De hecho, comencé mi educación aquí en Conte en Kindergarten y haber completado el círculo ha sido una experiencia realmente maravillosa, ha sido como volver a casa. Cada año, lo que enseño cambia en función de las necesidades de nuestros alumnos. Este año estoy trabajando en Kindergarten y 1er Grado. En ambos grados, hemos puesto a prueba un nuevo programa de lectura llamado Enhanced Core Reading Instruction o ECRI. Estoy enseñando este programa en ambos grados con pequeños grupos de estudiantes. Si su estudiante está en uno de mis grupos y desea inscribirse en nuestra aplicación para padres RECUERDA, ¡vea a continuación que es fácil! Para obtener más información sobre ECRI, consulte la pestaña en la parte superior de mi página. Para obtener más información sobre mí y sobre cómo llegué a estar aquí en Conte, haga clic aquí. Sinceramente espero trabajar con todos y cada uno de ustedes este año. Por favor, cada vez que tenga alguna pregunta o inquietud, no dude en ponerse en contacto conmigo. Mi dirección de correo electrónico es jharvey@pittsfield.net y también configuraré una aplicación de recordatorio en la que podrá enviarme un mensaje de texto a través de la aplicación (también puede enviar un correo electrónico si no tiene un teléfono inteligente). Esta aplicación es una herramienta que uso para comunicarme regularmente con las familias a través de textos grupales sobre lo que sucede en clase, puedo enviar fotos de nuestros proyectos de clase, lecciones y aprendizaje y, por último, puedo comunicarme contigo de forma privada sobre tu estudiante y manera eficiente. ¡Así que mire la información para volver a casa y apuntarse, es rápido y fácil! ¡Esperamos un año maravilloso!

Sra. Harvey

Directions to Sign Up for Our ECRI Remind Group App!

invite in Spanish.pdf
remind invite.pdf

12/18/17 Winter Break is fast approaching! remember just because we are not in school it doesn't mean kids can't practice their reading and math skills in a fun way! Check out my Website Resources Tab for fun online games!

1/1/18 Happy New Year!! We are back to school tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great break! We are going to be jumping right into learning new sight words, reading new stories and practicing learning to read new words. Students will also participate in some testing with their classes this month, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

1/22/18 Our ECRI Groups are moving right along, here are some words to practice with students at home:

  1. put
  2. said
  3. want
  4. good
  5. no
  6. home
  7. into
  8. many
  9. then
  10. tree
  11. small
  12. read
  13. soon
  14. afraid
  15. again
  16. few
  17. how
  18. friends
  19. soon
  20. house

2/1/18 In Mrs. Duffy's class we are in Unit 3 Week 4 Day 4 of ECRI and Mrs. Biros' class is in Unit 2 Week 1 Day 1 Congratulations everyone is working very hard! Here are some fun ways to practice sight words.... Quizlet is a website where you can create your own lists of words, spelling words, vocabulary words, sight words etc. and then it will make them into flash cards, games, tests etc. for you!!! You can also just search their database and there are many Quizlets that are already done for you! Here is one on Sight Words for Grade 1..https://quizlet.com/157395764/grade-1-sight-words-flash-cards/ They also have an app if you want to use Quizlet on your phone or tablet and it is all free!

2/5/18 Reminder Round 2 of Parent Conferences are coming up February 15th 3:30-6:30pm and February 16th 12:30-2:45pm. Come see what your student has been working on in class!

2/26/18 Welcome back to school! Look for new word lists, spelling lists and your weekly Remind text with words to study!

3/12/18 Snow Snow Snow! With all this snow please review spelling lists that are sent home with the kids! We are working on words that you have to change the "y" to an "i" and then add a suffix, for example.. bunny to bunnies. Some words to practice this week:











4/3/18 We have started working on multi-syllable words in Mrs. Biros' 1st grade class as well as words that are spelled with the er, ir, ur, or and ar sounds, these can be confusing so practice, practice, practice! In Mrs. Duffy's class we are working on word that are spelled with wr, kn, ie, and igh.

Uni Bossy R card game .pdf

Here is a fun card game to print and play with your kid(s) to help with the "Bossy R" or R Controlled Vowels the ir, er, ur and ar and or, I can print this out if you need a copy please send me an email!

4/10/2018- Hi Everyone! Vacation is upon us! Spring Break! Here are some words to practice this week:

  1. shoes
  2. only
  3. across
  4. told
  5. opened
  6. dance
  7. because
  8. before
  9. does
  10. good-bye
  11. oh
  12. right
  13. won't
  14. visit
  15. know
  16. done

Students can practice digraphs which can be tricky with this fun free game!!! Check it out here!

April 22nd is EARTH DAY! What is Earth Day and Why is it important?......Earth Day is an annual event created to celebrate the planet's environment and raise public awareness about pollution. The day, marked on April 22, is observed worldwide with rallies, conferences, outdoor activities and service projects. Here are some fun songs and activities to check out, click here!

May 18th, 2018- Happy Spring! The weather finally seems to be changing for the better! To celebrate come on out to our, "Spring Dance" this evening 5-6:30pm! The cost is only $2.00 per person.

I also wanted to remind everyone that reading, math, science and social studies are taking place everyday in our lives. It is important to point this out to the kids so that they can connect what they are learning to their day to day lives. For example, have them add up the cost of 2 grocery items for you or read the label to see how much sugar is in their favorite cereal! Point out the changes in the trees that are taking place or the grass as it becomes green again (YEAH!!) Also remember to practice basics with the (K-2)...math..counting to 100 or more if they can, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing in grades 3-5. Read with your kids everyday or even better have them read to you. Here is a link to 15 ideas for reading other than books! http://www.scholastic.com/parents/blogs/scholastic-parents-raise-reader/15-reading-materials-arent-books

6/8/18- End of the year is quickly approaching! Remember that summer reading is so important and practice with math and reading skills is so important so that kids don't experience "summer slide". Here are some tips to prevent the slide:

  • Encourage your child to read 20 minutes every day. Public libraries are great resources for summer reading lists by age/grade level, and they often offer reading programs.
  • Read to your child to build listening skills, engage the imagination, and increase vocabulary.
  • Unplug from technology and give your child time to read and escape the heat of the day.
  • Keep books in the car for your child. Listen to audiobooks on long trips.
  • Encourage math skills by creating number books of things you collect or do during the summer.
  • Practice estimation skills by guessing how far and how long a road trip will be. Have children compute arrival times and miles covered.
  • Provide math workbooks with activities to complete on road trips or during quiet times.
  • Encourage your child to keep a reading log and calculate the minutes read each week.
  • Cook with your child. Have your child follow simple recipes to learn fractions and practice measurement skills.
  • Encourage your child to practice writing skills by writing letters to relatives, sending postcards from camp, keeping a summer journal, writing a book, or authoring an online blog.

6/16/18-It's here! The last week of school! Thursday is the last day and it is a half day... I have posted a new link here to a sight word "rap" Youtube video for kids :) thought it was a cute way to get the kids interest!

7/2/18 Happy Summer Everyone! I thought I would share this blog I found, a librarian reviews different children's books https://kidsbookaday.com/