Gloucester County Health Department K-12 recommendations for Covid-19 protocols as of 8/29/22 can be found here.

Pitman District Covid-19 recommendations are as follows:

  • Stay home if you are...

    • Feverish (over 100)

    • Have a consistent cough

    • Have a sore throat not attributed to existing allergies or an alternative diagnosis

    • Have a consistently runny nose, not attributed to allergies

    • Have vomiting or diarrhea

    • Experience loss of taste or smell

  • It is highly recommended that if you suspect your student may have Covid-19, that you test and report results to your school nurse. Home tests are accepted.

  • Covid positive students should isolate at home for 5 days, and return to school on day 6. It is highly recommended that students returning after isolation should wear a mask on days 6-10.

  • If you student is isolating at home for Covid, a doctor's note will be needed for those absences to be excused.

*Updated Bivalent Covid-19 Vaccinations are now available!*

The CDC now recommends the updated boosters, which are formulated to offer continued protection against the original strain, while also offering better protection against the two lineages of the Omicron variant, BA.4 and BA.5, which represent over 90% of currently circulating virus.

  • Bivalent boosters are available to anyone 12 years and older

  • It is recommended that your last Covid vaccination or booster has been at least 2 months ago.

  • The new bivalent boosters will be available at the Gloucester County Health Department