Checkout Information

Fall 2024 Equipment Checkout and Return

Starts: Monday, 9/9/2024

Checkout Ends: Friday, 11/27/2024

Return Ends: Friday, 12/6/2024

Production Office Hours

Monday - Friday

8am - Noon

1pm - 4pm

Lab Teaching Assistant 

Chien-ei Yu (think of Jenny with 'Ch') 

Direct Office Number: 805-897-3569 


4 Steps to Film Equipment and Facilities

Step 1: Must submit every semester. Complete the Film Student Information Form. It may take 48 hours to assign your privileges on Booked. 

Step 2: Must have a Booked account for checkout privileges to be assigned. Only need to do this once.

Step 3: Once Booked privileges are assigned. You'll be able to create reservations for equipment and facilities

Step 4: Follow up with your instructor for approval