About Prom Experience: We are in charge of picking a theme, and venue to hold our prom along with planning grand march at Pine Island High School. The post-prom committee and prom committee are working together to make prom more memorable for you! Being a part of the organization you also have an input on the dinner and games that will be played later on in the night. We are currently on the hunt for more members who are currently in the grades 10-12. If you are interested in joining, please fill out the application form below. Note: Current freshmen can sign up, however, we will contact you at the beginning of sophomore school year. 


Tangled inspired "Under the Lanterns"


Dripping in Diamonds




Cassandra Wachter


Ava Miller


Emma Linge

Vice - President

Ally Hodge


Sienna Renk


 Contact: If you want more information about the committee, feel free to contact our advisor or the members. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have! 

Advisor - Cassandra Wachter

Email: cassandra.wachter@pineisland.k12.mn.us

President - Ava Miller

Email: amiller0217@icloud.com or ava.miller@pi255.org 

Vice President - Emma Linge

Email: emmalinge83@gmail.com or emma.linge@pi255.org