2022 -2023


Pike County Schools


The Pike County School System remains committed to providing a safe environment for the students and staff of Pike County. As COVID-19 has presented many challenges to our nation and school system, the district has organized a Pike County COVID Task Force Committee to address issues related to returning back to school. The committee has representatives who are family members, teachers, health officials, principals, district leaders, and students. Recommendations made by the task force are based upon current federal regulations, CDC, KDE, Pike County Health Department and anticipated community needs.

Decisions made by the task force concerning the types of learning available for the Pike County Students this year were based upon the 2021-22 district-wide survey that ALL parents were invited to complete. In their response to the survey, parents indicated that they "want their children to return to school with either in-person instruction or virtual learning.: Based upon these findings, the task force recommends that two options be offered to students for the 2022-2023 school year.

Learning Options

Students enrolled in the Pike County Schools Traditional school model will return to classrooms with the traditional school schedule and in-person instruction. Enhanced health and safety precautions will be in place.

Pike County Schools Virtual Learning students will experience online learning supported by their teachers.

Bus Safety

Health & Safety