Important Dates and Times


Pre-Competition Spring Meeting

March 11, 2024 

Register using MLP/Frontline with this registration link.

Location: Regional Professional Development day for the Arts at EJD Middle School in Phoenix. 

Time: 1pm 

Folks are welcome to attend the entire conference day which is free to all, or come just for the meeting. If you would like to attend the conference day you can or you can simply show up on the day and the registration desk will point you to the correct room.

As we work through these changes, we encourage you to reach out to Lindsey Stehle,, at any time with questions, comments, or concerns because the only way that we can grow is through feedback and change.

Event Registration

NEW 2024- you must register for the event.

Register using MLP/Frontline with this registration link.

Due by April 1st, 2024

Form covers payment, amount of students, interest in student exhibition and T-shirt order.

T-Shirt orders 

Due 4/3, included in your registration (using the link above).

Packet/T-shirts will be waiting for you at the event!


Deliver Artwork to CiTi Boces

4/2-4/4, 8am-4pm

Accepted pieces can be dropped off at the CiTi BOCES South Campus in Phoenix, NY. If these hours cannot work, special arrangements can be made to accommodate.

Complete the Exhibit Entry Form by 4/3 (Extended!)

Schools residing outside of a 40 mile radius from the Everson can request their pieces be picked up by Arts in Ed staff on April 4th. This will require contacting and being added to the pickup schedule prior to April 2nd. 

All pieces will be delivered and received by the Everson on April 9th where their curation staff will take over. The Everson will not allow individual drop offs to maintain organization of the pieces for their safe return.

What to Include: 

Show Dates



Due to the restrictions of the Everson’s event schedule, there will not be an opening ceremony. 

Pick up Artwork

CiTi South, 8AM-4PM

Artwork is located in the back hallway. It is organized alphabetical left to right. There is a sign out sheet hanging up, just so that we know that your have received your pieces of artwork, incase someone is not at the main desk.

If the hours does not work for you, please reach out so that we can coordinate a time and place to have you pick up your pieces. 


Feats of Clay Competition

Friday, May 3, 2024

9:45 am - 1 pm (approximately)


Post Competition Spring Meeting




Register: Ceramic Connect (Feats of Clay PD) in Frontline/MLP.