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Penn-Trafford Students Compete at USA Hockey Nationals (4-26-21)

Four Penn-Trafford students, who play hockey for the Steel City Selects program, will compete at the USA Hockey Nationals in Denver, CO from April 29-May 3.

Ayla Moffa, Kylie McKenzie, and Marissa Caswell play for Steel City Selects U14. Their team is currently ranked #7 in the country.

Robyn Caswell plays for Steel City Selects U19 and will be participating in her 5th USA Hockey National Championships. She is a Senior at Penn-Trafford High School and will be playing D3 Ice Hockey for Stevenson University while pursuing her degree in Nursing this Fall.

Ayla Moffa (grade 8), Robyn Caswell (grade 12), Kylie McKenzie (grade 8), and Marissa Caswell (grade 9)

PT Students Compete in Vocal and Dance Competition (4-26-21)

Students at Penn-Trafford High School fared well in this year’s Westmoreland County Gifted Coalition Vocal & Dance Competition, which took place on March 22nd. The event was hosted by Penn-Trafford High School.

Gifted students from across Westmoreland County took part in the virtual event. Thirty-three students competed by submitting their pre-recorded performance links. The judges evaluated the students and the winners were announced in a virtual awards ceremony on April 14th.

Female Vocalist 9th & 10th Grade

  • 2nd Place - Delaney Casavant

Female Vocalist 11th Grade

  • 1st Place - Maura Coiner

  • 2nd Place - Becca Mills

  • 3rd Place - Abby Bass-Riley

Male Vocalist 9th - 12th Grade

  • 1st Place - Billy Elias

  • 3rd Place - Nicholas Freilino

Group Vocal Performance

  • 1st Place - Abby Bass-Riley & Maura Coiner

  • 2nd Place - Nicholas Freilino, Owen Orlic, Gabriel List, Cade Stukus & Jude Mulhern

Judges for this year's competition were Dr. Mark Boyle (Seton Hill University - Music Department), Dr. Lynn Eckberg (Penn-Trafford MS - Teacher of Gifted), Mr. Jeffrey Fox (Penn-Trafford HS - Teacher of Music) and Penn-Trafford Seniors Jordyn Haynes (Performer and Dance Champion) and Julianna Paliscak (Performer, Instructor and Dance Champion).

Nicholas Freilino, Owen Orlic, Gabriel List, Cade Stukus & Jude Mulhern took second place in the Group Vocal Performance category
Billy Elias took first place in the 9th - 12th Grade Male Vocalist category
Delaney Casavant took second place in the 9th & 10th Grade Female Vocalist Category
Abby Bass-Riley & Maura Coiner took first place in the Group Vocal Performance category
Maura Coiner took first place in the 11th grade Female Vocalist category
Becca Mills took second place in the 11th grade Female Vocalist category

Plants Are Classroom Measurement Subjects (4-23-21)

At Harrison Park Elementary School, Mrs. Pratt's second-grade class is working on a measurement project to coincide with Earth Day. Student Teacher Brie Prodanovich is instructing the students on how to plant seeds and help our Earth. The students will continue to nurture their plants as they grow, measuring the growth each week.

At the end of the school year, students will have a growing sunflower to take home and transplant in their yard. Hopefully by summer's end, they will have some sunflower seeds to share with family and friends!

Miss Brie Prodanovich supervised students as they planted sunflower seeds
Luke Wonnacott, Gage Sever and Maxx Allen add soil to their seed cups
Ben Padezan waters his seeds

Students Pledge to Protect Our Planet (4-23-21)

Students in Mrs. Leydig's third grade class at Harrison Park Elementary School discussed Earth Day (April 22) and the many ways to help protect the planet. Then, the students made owls on which they each wrote a pledge on how they will do their part for the environment.

Mrs. Leydig’s third-grade class with their Earth Day owls
Jeremiah Klemm proudly holds his owl
Michael Shannon and Mrs. Leydig dressed for the occasion
Emma Gipson displays her owl
Each student wrote an Earth Day pledge
A student’s Earth Day pledge

Sudadi Wins National Merit Broadridge Scholarship (4-22-21)

Sahit Sudadi, a senior at Penn-Trafford High School, has won the National Merit Broadridge Scholarship. From approximately 1.6 million applicants, Merit Scholarships are awarded to about 7,500 distinguished finalists for their high academic performance.

“Sahit has worked hard to earn this accomplishment,” commented Principal Tony Aquilio. “This is just the beginning of many great things to come from Sahit.”

Sahit Sudadi

Pleasant Weather Enables Use of Outdoor Classroom (4-22-21)

Mrs. Amy Babik, a teacher at McCullough Elementary School likes to take advantage of beautiful spring weather by conducting some of her second-grade classes outside.

Sofia Martinelli, Zachary Whitby, Isaiah Dowdrick, and Joshua Watson work on geometry skills in the warm sunshine
Stella Baumunk, Garrett Cass, Claude Ankney, and Adalyn Jackson work on a graphing activity in the school’s outdoor classroom

Second Graders Author Book (4-21-21)

This year, Mrs. Coleman’s 2nd-grade students at McCullough Elementary School worked very hard on becoming authors and illustrators. All students, whether following the in-person or online format, contributed to a book about the career each of them would like to have when they grow up.

Once completed, each student received a printed and professionally bound copy of the book. “The book turned out better than we could have ever imagined!”, said Mrs. Coleman. “With this year being so unique for everyone, I’m so glad the kids will have something to look back on and smile about.”

The students hold up their copies of the book
Second grader Elizabeth Urso’s page
Second grader Isabella Klingensmith’s page
Maura Barnyk proudly holds the book open to her authored and illustrated pages

Second-Graders Show Their Spirit (4-21-21)

Mrs. Karrie Gutwald’s second-grade students at Sunrise Estates Elementary School dressed with much enthusiasm during a recent Spirit Week at the school. Every day had a different theme.

Left to right: Brookson Yost, Jordan Gladkowski, Mason Watt, Noah Guthridge, Jacob Balas, and Benjamin Nejes exhibit their Warrior Pride
Left to right: Cyrus Smith, Kartar Hensell, and Axel Romanelli wear their favorite sports team gear
Cecelia Grover, Andrea Rankin, Divine Tsopze Dongmo, Brookson Yost, Sophie Mrdjenovich, Natalie Shearer, and Colton Mastro showed their school spirit by wearing tie-dye
Left to right: Cyris Smith, Jacob Balas, Benjamin Nejes, and Brookson Yost dress in a superhero theme
Natalie Shearer, Noah Guthridge, Andrea Rankin, Benjamin Nejes, Cecelia Grover, Mason Watt, Capri Cortazzo, and Makenna Gavrish wore their pajamas to school
Divine Tsopze Dongmo, Jordan Gladkowski, Cyris Smith, Brookson Yost, Kartar Hensell, Jacob Balas, and Sophie Mrdjenovich wore their pajamas to school

Penn-Trafford Students Attend FBLA State Conference (4-20-21)

Members of Penn-Trafford High School’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club attended the Pennsylvania FBLA Virtual State Leadership Conference which took place in March and April. The students participated in virtual workshops and listened to keynote speakers. Also, those who qualified for the state competition engaged in their events.

The following students placed in the top 10 in Pennsylvania:

  • 8th Place - Juliana Paliscak in Health Care Administration

  • 9th Place - Jalyn Adams & Jordyn Haynes in Graphic Design

  • 9th Place - Ben Pratkanis in Introduction to Financial Math

“Juliana, Jordyn (President) and Jalyn are seniors who's contribution to our FBLA Club will be greatly missed,” said club sponsor Mrs. Christina Wukich. “Other graduating FBLA members who participated as officers and contributors include Brooke Sargent (Vice President), Janine Picklo (Secretary) and Nicholas Chesky."

Juliana Paliscak placed 8th in Health Care Administration
Jalyn Adams, who placed 9th in Graphic Design with Jordyn Haynes
Jordyn Haynes, who placed 9th in Graphic Design with Jalyn Adams
Ben Pratkanis placed 9th in Introduction to Financial Math

FOURTH GRADERS Tackle ‘Comic and Storyboard Writing’ Project (4-20-21)

Mrs. Angie Mastroianni’s fourth-grade students at Harrison Park Elementary School are finishing a creative writing project using software called Pixton EDU. Pixton EDU is a popular comic and storyboard creator for teachers and students. Mrs. Mastroianni was able to purchase the software through a grant by DonorsChoose.

The Harrison Park students started the project by creating an Avatar of themselves which is used to illustrate all kinds of writing adventures. The Pixton EDU software is highly engaging, and students delight in creating stories to share with their families and classmates.

“The students are so excited to create projects using this platform,” said Mrs. Mastroianni. “You know it’s a great classroom tool when students ASK to do another project!”

Addison Price used Pixton to create a beach story comic strip; in the story, she used adjectives to describe things like the ocean, sand, and weather

Students Enjoy ‘Easter Bunny Escape Room’ (4-19-21)

Prior to their spring break in early April, students in Mrs. Amy Babik’s second-grade class at McCullough Elementary School participated in an ‘Easter Bunny Escape Room’. Students used their knowledge of three-digit addition and subtraction to solve clues and escape from math class. The winners were Garrett Cass, Connor Stewart, and Mathis Kline.

Garrett Cass, Connor Stewart, and Mathis Kline

Second Graders Compete in ‘Measure-A-Thon’ (4-19-21)

Mrs. Kelly Pratt’s second-grade class at Harrison Park Elementary School recently completed a ‘Measure-A-Thon’ enrichment activity that honed the students’ skills of measurement and graphing while enjoying an Olympic-style competition.

Teams competed in four separate events: the distance a cotton ball traveled when blown, kicked, tossed and flicked. After each event, the students measured the distance that the cotton ball traveled in centimeters, inches, and feet. Finally, the students graphed the distances and crowned the champions of each event.

Thiago Hickman and Noah Kovacic measure the distance their cotton ball traveled
Evelyn Terpstra, Sophia Bradley, Tori Boss and Haley Pizzuto record measurements
Shayna Lancaster, Morgan McIntosh, Noah Kovacic, Olivia Haywood and Emma Martin prepare to start their event

Students Take the Egg Drop Challenge (4-16-21)

Mrs. Karrie Gutwald’s second grade students at Sunrise Estates Elementary School completed an Egg Drop Challenge in early April. The students were each given materials with which to design a device that would hold an egg and protect it when dropped from varying heights. The materials included paper cups, pipe cleaners, a coffee filter, string, masking tape, popsicle sticks, cotton balls, and swabs. The object of the challenge was to have an unbroken egg at the end of the lesson.

Jacob Balas designs his egg holder
Natalie Shearer considers design ideas
Capri Cortazzo, Jordan Gladkowski, Sophie Mrdjenovich, Andrea Rankin, and Noah Guthridge display their egg holder designs
Colton Mastro, Benjamin Nejes and Cyris Smith display their egg holder designs
Andrea Rankin works on her egg holder

Library Acquires “Who’s That?” Books (4-16-21)

The McCullough Elementary School library has received a new collection of books for its students in kindergarten through grade 5. The books were made possible through a grant from DonorsChoose.

Mrs. Sarah Schadler spearheaded the grant application, which she called the ‘Who’s That’ project because her selected books all introduce readers to notable people. “The new books will engage young minds to learn about some important figures from our history,” said Mrs. Schadler. “They will also learn about famous inventors of some games and toys they use everyday.”

The McCullough librarians have been having a hard time keeping any of the new books on the shelves due to their extreme popularity among students.

Some of the new books feature historical figures such as Anne Frank and Amelia Earhart
Some of the new books feature inventors of toys such as Nerf, Rubik’s Cube and My Little Pony

Students Learn About Rocket Science (4-15-21)

Students at Level Green Elementary School recently experienced a lesson on NASA rockets. In collaboration with the Carnegie Science Center, teacher Mrs. Sara Oliver hosted the ‘Science on the Road’ program for her STEAM classes at the school.

After a live presentation taught by Carnegie Science Center staff, the students created their own rockets powered by balloons. The engineering challenge allowed students to adjust and improve their designs just like NASA scientists work as a team to solve problems. Finally, students went outdoors to launch a "stomp" rocket powered by their feet.

5th graders Caleb Dubyak and Janessa Davis design their rockets
5th grader Nathan Leasure improves his design's stability by adding wings
4th grader Ryker Lentz is ready to launch
4th grader Kate Welsh lets her rocket fly
3rd graders launch a rocket by stomping

Penn-Trafford Offers Good Luck Wishes (4-14-21)

Penn-Trafford’s ‘Class of 2021’ is nearing the end of a year which was shadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most students cherish their senior-year memories for a lifetime, this year’s seniors missed out on countless events such as the Homecoming dance, attending football games and other athletic events, and even the day-to-day interactions with classmates and teachers.

For a second consecutive year, the high school staff and administration placed a ‘Good Luck’ yard sign in each senior’s front yard to show support during a challenging Spring and cap off the students’ Penn-Trafford days.

Over forty high school teachers and staff gathered to drive around the district to every senior’s home and place a sign in each yard. “This is just one way we will show support to our senior class,” commented Principal Tony Aquilio. “We hope to see the community pull together to cheer on these students during our Senior Recognition Parade which will take place on May 26.”

Alexis Nash
Stone Swartz
Alyson Zuchelli
Hannah Novak
Mallory Anderson
Teachers Mrs. Marinclin and Miss Martini pick up yard signs to deliver to seniors

Sunrise Classroom Gains Flexible Seating (4-14-21)

Mrs. Danielle Lebe, a second grade teacher at Sunrise Estates Elementary School, has received grant funding from DonorsChoose. The funds enabled Mrs. Lebe to equip her classroom with flexible reading seats to allow the students to find a cozy place in the room to sit and read. She also acquired reading dots which provide markers on the floor to indicate where the students may sit, appropriately socially-distanced. The materials arrived in April.

“The students were so excited when I pulled the seats out of the box,” said Mrs. Lebe. “They couldn't wait to try them out. They love the dot spots and how colorful they are! We are so grateful for getting our grant funded and receiving these items!”

Clockwise from left: First graders Paxton Miller, Kayla Prosdocimo, Nina Giovannitti, Reese Gerega, Madison Cameron and Brody Klamar enjoy reading in the new flexible seats
Clockwise from left: First graders Nicholas Thompson, Eliza Crompton, Penny Kearns, Gabby Cole, Joe Tirpak and Brayden Kaczmarski sit in a socially-distanced manner using carpet markers

Media and Literacy Internship Students Complete Impact Project (4-13-21)

In their final Impact project for the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, the students in Penn-Trafford High School’s Media and Literacy Internship class donated baskets to the Welcome Home Shelter in Greensburg on April 9, 2021. Through a grant from Chick-fil-A and additional fundraising by the students, the class was able to assemble 50 baskets. Each basket contained numerous toiletries, masks, and a gift card to Shop-n-Save.

“The women’s shelter basket was something we did at my church,” said Senior Maura Shields who proposed the idea to her classmates. “I thought it would be a good project because due to Covid-19 the women’s shelter needs more items than they ever did before. I am thankful that many of the high schoolers were able to donate to help those who are struggling. It is nice to see people help one another during these difficult times.”

Just weeks away from completing last year’s Impact project, a senior citizen prom, the students had to cancel due to the pandemic. “Volunteering during this time has been extremely difficult,” noted teacher Kathy Kelly-Garris, “but the students have found ways to contribute to their community.”

Senior Madison Simkovic shared that, “Delivering the gift baskets to the shelter was really nice. They were so thankful for the donations and were excited to hand them out to the residents. It felt great knowing that we were able to give back and help our community.”

After packing the baskets, the students enjoyed a luncheon provided by the Chick-fil-A at Greengate Centre (Lorie Bender-Untch operator).

Penn-Trafford High School’s Media and Literacy Internship class: (Kneeling) Maria DiNapoli, Carleigh Drakulic, Brooke Cleland, (Standing) Lizzie Cermak, Kassie Rihn, Sarah Eisenhuth, Maria Sholtes, Holly Harding, Noah Staranko, Morgan Casper, Emily Kleinschmidt, Becca Radeshak, Sydney McDermott and Elizabeth Brassart

Grants Help Equip Classroom (4-13-21)

During the month of March, Mrs. Allie Kleinschmidt acquired a variety of new materials for her classroom at Harrison Park Elementary School. The materials were funded through four separate grants by the nonprofit organization, DonorsChoose.

A majority of the funded materials are books which cover topics from math and science to social-emotional growth. Mrs. Kleinschmidt also had a project funded which helped improve on the classroom’s grow station. The station enables students to observe plant life cycles, have a close-up look at the parts of plants, and learn about the requirements for plants to grow. Some of the students enjoy taking care of the plants during their breaks between lessons.

Third grader Logan Missenda uses centimeter cubes to solve math problems
Zachary Moors (Grade 4) holds books on plants; some seed starting materials are visible in the background
Aydan Wilt (Grade 5) with a selection of books that students can read to meet independent reading goals
Nolan Sarsfield (Grade 5) browses books that support science standards

Bench Dedicated at Penn-Trafford Baseball Field (4-12-21)

Prior to taking the field on April 9, the Penn-Trafford Warriors Varsity Baseball team and their opponent Norwin Knights lined up on the baselines for the dedication of a marble bench which was installed to honor Maclean Maund.

Maclean graduated from Penn-Trafford High School in 2019 and had just completed his first semester at Seton Hill University, where he played baseball, when he lost his life on January 25, 2020 in a tragic car accident.

The following statement was read at the dedication: “With this bench, Maclean will always have a presence at a spot where he loved and was meant to be. It will also give his family and friends, along with the Penn-Trafford community, a place to reflect on all of their great memories of him. Maclean will forever be in our hearts and he will always be at his Warrior home.”

Maclean’s parents, Heather and Pete Maund, take a seat on the memorial bench
Prior to the dedication, the bench was draped in green and gold
Assistant Coach Bill Trogler, along with all the players and coaches for both teams, took a moment to tip their hats in memory of Maclean
Pete Maund embraces alumnus Dominic Costellic, Maclean’s teammate, before he throws out the first pitch
Maclean’s number 8 adorned the field

Students Wear Yellow to Support Classmate (4-12-21)

Level Green Elementary School designated April 9, 2021 as a day to wear yellow and show support for Oliver Tester, a kindergarten student who was recently diagnosed with high grade soft tissue sarcoma (a form of cancer). Students and staff came to school in a sea of yellow and raised over $2,000 in donations towards Oli’s medical expenses.

Oliver’s classmates in Mrs. Shogan’s morning kindergarten class: Tenley Dubyak, Lillian Sementuh, Ethan Kozub, Charles Brown, Lucy Walterhouse, Rylie Felton, Roman Liscio, Chase Koepka, Colin Donahue, Grayson Capets and Quincy Grills
Lucy Walterhouse, a kindergarten student in Oli’s class
Students in Mrs. Simon’s classroom show their support
The staff at Level Green Elementary School wore yellow to support Oli
Students throughout the district joined Level Green Elementary to support Oli; here is Mrs. Leydig’s third grade class at Harrison Park Elementary School

Penn-Trafford Names April “Students of the Month” (4-12-21)

The Penn-Trafford School Board and Administration are pleased to announce the April 2021 ‘Student of the Month’ selections. Students are selected by their school principals for being exceptional in some way...whether for earning top grades, showing strong leadership, exhibiting kindness, or for some other notable reason.


Mia Mastro is a 5th grade student at Sunrise Estates Elementary School. She exemplifies qualities that catch the attention of school staff daily. “Mia is an academically strong student with equally strong leadership skills,” commented Mrs. Hawk, 5th grade teacher; “She leads by example and isn't afraid to speak up when she disagrees with something or when she doesn't understand something. Mia's manners and respectful behavior shine through on a daily basis.” Mrs. Guerrieri, 5th grade teacher, said, “Mia is a sweet student who is always willing to help her teacher or peers. She is a hard worker and is always putting forth her best effort.” Miss Pratt, a 5th grade teacher stated, “Mia is a hardworking go-getter in the classroom and a friend to all outside of the classroom.” Dr. Coiner, principal, feels that Mia is extremely well deserving of this award, commenting that “Mia embodies the traits we look for in a student when selecting our student of the month. We are honored to have her represent Sunrise as the Student of the Month.”


David Lydic is a 3rd grader at Harrison Park Elementary School. He takes extreme pride in his classwork and does everything that is asked of him. He follows directions and asks questions if he doesn't understand. He is a very polite young man. David has quiet confidence, which is very refreshing for someone his age. He's always the first one to help another student and his kind acts are noticed by all. He's well liked by his classmates and comes to school each day with a smile. David always has a kind greeting first thing in the morning for everyone!

According to Principal Jeff Swartz, “David’s love for school, his family, and his friends exemplify the wonderful characteristics of being an outstanding Penn-Trafford Warrior!”


Olivia Clothier is an 8th grade student at Trafford Middle School. Her teachers all agree that she is an excellent student and is a very compassionate, respectful and kind person who is eager to help others - whether to assist classmates with assignments or help teachers to clean and sanitize desks. Olivia works hard despite the fact that her talents and intelligence could allow her to be successful without her fullest efforts. She is an exceptional student whose work is thorough and neat, and communicated effectively. Olivia is mature, communicates well with peers and adults and is a leader by example.

“It is a pleasure to have Olivia at Trafford Middle School,” said Principal Roger Sullivan; “Congratulations on your selection as Student of the Month, Olivia!”


Jacob Barreuther is a 10th grader at Penn-Trafford High School. Jacob began his Penn-Trafford career this past fall. He did well moving into a new school and maintaining a positive attitude.

Jacob quickly became an asset to the school’s coffee shop. He has also taken responsibility for delivering drinks/snacks to the administration, nurse, and athletic department. Jacob works in the mailroom sorting the staff’s daily mail. He is also helpful in the classroom during activities, always wanting to lend a helping hand. Jacob was recently accepted into the Logistics program at CWCTC. He will begin in the Fall of 2021. “Jacob will be missed in the coffee shop, but we are sure he will be successful in this program and gain valuable experience for future employment,” said Principal Tony Aquilio. “Congratulations Jacob!”

Principal Dr. Karin Coiner with the Sunrise Student of the Month, Mia Mastro
Third grade teachers Jodi Simpson and Beth Leydig of Harrison Park Elementary School with student of the month, David Lydic
Principal Roger Sullivan with Trafford Middle School student, Olivia Clothier
Jacob Barreuther with Penn-Trafford High School Principal Tony Aquilio

Students Take A Virtual Field Trip to Carnegie Museum of Natural History (4-8-21)

The students of Level Green Elementary School participated in virtual field trips to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History at the end of March. The museum’s “Virtual Guest Experience” enabled the students to virtually visit certain parts of the museum. Students in kindergarten, first and second grades took a tour called ‘Animal Tales’ and grade 3-5 students took the ‘Ancient Egypt’ tour.

Students were able to ask questions of the curators who gave the live tours, and then each program offered an interactive project for the students. Ms. Stephany McNamara, a substitute teacher for the district, took the initiative to arrange the field trips and also borrowed real animals and artifacts from the museum to bring into school.

These virtual field trips were made possible through funding from the Level Green PTO.

First grader Austin Korol pets a ball python (held by Ms. McNamara)
Third grader Tyler Gurowski learns about the mummification process as he places an apple slice in a salt and baking soda mixture
Fifth graders Gabe Rudek and Ben McGough observe a replica of the Rosetta Stone (an Egyptian artifact)
Serafina Fiori (4th Grade) learns about the mummification process as she places a hotdog in a salt and baking soda mixture
Ms. McNamara (holding Bob) is joined by first grade students Austin Korol, Claire Korekach, Satarah Masters, and Gavin Rea who created paper animals after learning about the animals’ habitats

PT’s Mills Earns Spot in All-State Chorus (4-7-21)

Rebecca Mills, a junior at Penn-Trafford High School, has been named to the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association (PMEA) All-State Chorus. Rebecca (a mezzo-soprano) submitted a recorded audition for this prestigious ensemble in early March after being named to the PMEA District/Region Chorus.

Rebecca will perform with the All-State Chorus at the 2021 PMEA All-State Festival, which will take place online April 14-17. There were 300 students selected from across Pennsylvania for this honor.

“I am thrilled for Becca and her selection to PMEA All-State Chorus! She is a tenacious worker and is incredibly deserving of this great honor,” said Mr. Jeff Fox, Penn-Trafford High School’s Choral director.

PT Student Spearheads a Pet Supply Collection (4-7-21)

As a requirement for graduation, seniors at Penn-Trafford High School must complete a senior project.

Alyssa Fligger chose the topic “COVID puppies” for her senior project, and set out researching how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the pet industry. Upon speaking to a representative from the Humane Society of Westmoreland County, Alyssa learned that animal shelters as a whole are suffering from lack of funds due to the pandemic and their inability to hold large fundraisers.

Instead of just completing the assigned research component and presentation, Alyssa decided to take her project a step further by holding a Pet Supply Collection to support the Humane Society. She distributed flyers at school and was able to collect a large variety of supplies and donations from students and staff at Penn-Trafford. She delivered the items to the Humane Society in early April.

“My project is not going to make up for all of the fundraisers lost, but I hope that through this project I can provide them and the animals with some relief,” commented Alyssa. Alyssa will attend Gannon University next year to study Occupational Therapy.

Alyssa Fligger delivered a large load of pet supplies to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County