PENNCREST Curriculum


PENNCREST School District's Mission is to provide resources and opportunities that challenge students, assess their educational progress, provide a system of support and empower all to become confident lifelong learners.


The PENNCREST School District will be a dynamic educational community that inspires optimal student achievement and lifelong learning.

Shared Values

  1. Have the right and equal access to an appropriate education.
  2. Learn and achieve success at different rates.
  3. Develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes from research-based instruction based on measurable PA Core Academic Standards.
  4. Develop 21st Century technology and communication skills.
  5. Be self-directed and demonstrate both organizational and higher order thinking skills.
  6. Develop self-discipline to become responsible for their own learning and behavior.
  7. Respect cultural and ethnic differences.
  8. Develop a positive work ethic and desire to achieve their potential.
  9. Develop self-esteem and experience success in learning.
  10. Demonstrate respect for themselves and their community.
  11. Be provided the opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities.
  12. Learn the value of service to others.

**Note numbers do not indicate an order of priority. The values are enumerated only for purposes of identification.