Federal Programs


WIN (What I Need) is a daily 30 minute intervention or extension time for kindergarten through sixth grade students to reinforce reading, math or writing skills.

Literacy is supported with federal funds in the 3 Schoolwide Title Schools.

Reading Recovery - Grade 1 Intervention - Research Proven

Reading Recovery Fact Sheet

For a child having difficulty learning to read and write, timely intervention from a specially trained teacher can make all the difference. Reading Recovery unites teachers, administrators, and parents in a common goal of helping every student achieve literacy success.

The impact of the Reading Recovery community has been felt across North America, with more than 2.5 million children in the United States and Canada receiving daily one-to-one lessons since 1984. No other intervention matches the effectiveness of Reading Recovery for students, and the ongoing professional development unites teachers, teacher leaders, and trainers as they strive to meet the individual needs of struggling first graders.

Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI) - Grade K-8 for students significantly below grade level. Small group instruction with a trained LLI staff.

Title Reading Specialists in PENNCREST

Cambridge Springs Elementary

Julia Johnson , Reading Specialist

Karlie Blakeslee , Reading Specialist

Maplewood Elementary

Amanda Hoover , Reading Specialist

Nicole DeFrances , Reading Specialist

Robert Green , Reading Specialist

Saegertown Elementary

Rose Baker , Reading Specialist

Betsey Tautin , Reading Recovery Teacher Leader and Reading Specialist

PENNCREST School District

Jackie Sada , District Writing Coach