Interested in substitute teaching? Come on by the SAU48 office to pick up an application!

There is some important information and training that is required to be completed prior to subbing.

Becoming a Substitute Teacher!

Please bring these completed forms to the SAU 48 office for processing in addition to completing the required training sessions listed here.

Once we have this information, we will take your prints here in the office for a background check, and we will add you to become a substitute teacher!

A check or money order for $48.25 made out to State of NH, Criminal Records

Substitute Handbook for 2022-2023 - recommended to read

2022 - 2023 Per Day Pay for Substitute Teachers:

Campton Elementary - Teachers $85.00, Support Staff $85.00
Holderness Central - Teachers $85.00, Support Staff $85.00
Plymouth Elementary - Teachers $90.00, Support Staff $80.00
Pemi Baker Regional High School - Teachers, $90.00, Support Staff $80.00
Russell Elementary School in Rumney - Teachers $85.00, Support Staff $85.00
Thornton Central - Teachers $100.00, Support Staff $100.00
Waterville Valley Elementary - Teachers $80.00, Support Staff $80.00
Wentworth Elementary - Teachers $85.00, Support Staff $85.00