Get Published

What to Expect when working with us

+ Minimum 90% royalties on our most popular packages.

+ Full Publishing. We do the footwork and you do the writing.

+ Hybrid Publishing. No contract. We work together.

+ Self Publishing. We teach you the tricks of the trade and you are fully in control of your destiny.

+ Manuscript rights. You retain all rights to your work once we have completed the project!

+ We have services and packages for every budget!

Benefits of working with us

+ It brings prestige. Being signed on by a book publisher still serves as validation for many authors.

+ The publisher takes care of everything. The publisher provides professional services such as editing, proofreading, designing, as well as takes care of printing, warehousing, & distribution. Having someone take care of all this is a big relief for authors, who can then devote more of their time to writing.

Platinum Package

selling 500 books at $31 generates over $15,000 in sales

Deluxe Package

selling 100 books at $29 generates over $2,000 in sales

Basic Package

selling 100 books at $20 generates $2,000 in sales

eBook only

Selling 1,000 eBooks at $2.99, generates over $2,500 in sales