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Culturally Responsive Pedagogy


Developing Culturally Responsive Practices

Cultural Awareness and Responsiveness

Culturally Responsive Texts

Criteria and Rationale for Text Selection.pdf

Criteria for Culturally Responsive Texts

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Text List

Peel CRP English Professional Development Resources

Where did English come from.pdf

Where Did English Come From? by Robert Eaglestone.

Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers.pdf

Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers by Villegas and Lucas.

That is Just Good Teaching by Ladson-billings_1995.pdf

That's Just Good Teaching by G. Ladson-Billings

RAN Inquiry Chart.pdf

Reading and Analyzing Non Fiction RAN Inquiry Chart

Copy of Chapter 2 THUG Excerpt.pdf

Except from The Hate You Give by A. Thomas

Literacies Programs by Freebody and Luke.pdf

Literacies Programs by Freebody and Luke

Critical Discourse Analysis by S. McGregor.pdf

Critical Discourse Primer by McGregor

Diasporic Literature Then and Now.pdf

Diasporic Literature Theory: Where now? Ed. M. Shackleton

Empowering our Students

EML Vision 2021.pdf

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