Who I am

My name is Jimena Alvarado Chavarria, I was born and raised in Costa Rica, and I've spent many years moving back and forth between the US and Costa Rica, although I've also taught in Ecuador and Colombia. Mis disculpas a los que no leen ingles, sigo trabajando en traducir los materiales que he ido creando en ingles.

I have a passion for teaching social justice, I often wake up thinking how to make my classes better. I'm hoping that I can get people inspired to help me change the world! I love working with folks who are new to social-justice ideas, and I'm hoping that I can choose examples and materials that really connect with their everyday lives. You'll find a lot of popular-culture materials on this site, and less of the classical texts.

My background is in psychology, specifically liberation psychology, critical psychology and community psychology. I've also specialized in intersectional Women's Studies and I teach WS full-time at Portland Community College. I'm very interested in teaching practices, sexuality, and stigma and discrimination. Please reach out to me with questions and comments, I LOVE geeking out about teaching social justice, and love talking shop.