For Social justice teachers

We have SUCH an amazing job!

This page has all kinds of extra things, the parts of my teaching that aren't directly part of the curriculum. I'll be writing short pieces, a bit like a blog. I'm starting with the headlines, then I'll be filling them in a bit at a time. If you'd like to subscribe to the posts, you can fill in your email right here:

We have an odd job, in which we break our students hearts by showing them the worst parts of humanity, then help them put the pieces back together with the hope of creating a better world. Thank you for the work you do everyday. Please reach out, I love talking shop.

These are some of the pieces I'll be writing as I can:

The balance between hope and heartbreak

The balance between teaching allies and targets

Intersectionality as a tool for moving from fragility to humility

The risks of focusing on a single identity at a time

Using fidgeters to engage kinesthetic learning, and as emotional outlet for loaded conversations

Choosing materials: whose voices are you prioritizing?